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On-premises and mobile application

mobile time trackingTimeLive software also has the on-premises version. On-premises are locally installed. You are provided with the installer. What you have to do is to run the installer. By running the installer, this software will be ready to use. Hence, the database and application files will now be placed on your own system. For android and iPhone mobiles, you can download TimeLive Mobile Time Tracking. With this feature, you can capture your time against your clients, projects and tasks while you are on the go.

Easy to install

TimeLive has simple installation. With on-premises version, you are provided the installer. The software will be ready to use by running the installer. Now the application files and all the databases will be placed on your own server.

easy to useHardware requirement

The hardware requirement of time live software is much less. TimeLive software is very light and does not occupy much space of your memory. For more details about minimum hardware requirement you can visit our website whose link is given below

Work across devices

TimeLive empowers employees to work seamlessly across all the devices such as desktop, tablet, and smartphones.

Feature-Time against job

Different jobs are assigned to the field staff. This software allows the staff to enter time against these jobs/ tasks.

Compatibility of shared hosting

You can install the on- premises version of LiveTecs software on any windows based shared hosting. For more information, you can click the link below

One-time payment

The price for on- premises version is one- off payment. What you have to pay is the package price for once when you are purchasing it.

Automatic updates

In timeLive web time sheets are updated automatically and are assigned to their associated jobs.

Easy to use

TimeLive is a user- friendly software. Timesheet comments as easy as in google or any other web browser.

Entrance of time and data

You can easily enter time against the selected jobs and projects. In timeLive software, you do not need to enter data again and again. You enter the data just once and it will be reflected on all devices and web sheets.


TimeLive offers three types of tiers of support and upgrade plans. For more details and information visit the URL below

Support Categories and prices

Service level agreement

SLA assures you of satisfaction. If an issue occurs, TimeLive will fix it for you without requiring any software deployment.


Users can easily use the software as it is user –friendly and if you have any query you can find it in the help section.


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