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Online Application and Projects

Project managementThere are many organizations which are accommodating radical changes in the system in order to bring out fabulous results with the involvement of a least number of employees. This could be achieved by the introduction of technology related tools that are effective for business performance. Timesheet software is a great advancement in this respect and had proved its efficiency in the small interval of time. TimeLive application has sought the importance of the business industry in a vibrant way by providing the best services for project planning and management along with the integration with the leading bookkeeping application named QuickBooks. The employee data is transferred in a dual direction whether from TimeLive to buy QuickBooks or vice versa.

No Need for Training & Maintenance

The application is an online application providing the business managers, opportunity of least investment in the sense of hardware and maintenance support as the developers are 24/7 monitoring the functionality of the software so any change can be settled easily. The time and expense recording tools are fully functional and are automated so they can be utilized in an efficient manner. The application suits the nature of software designing companies along with other finance management organizations. This application is flexible and is equally understood by the higher management and lower scale employees. No specific training is required prior to the use of the web-based application. The approvals are readily notified to the respected employees in order to make the process a smooth and streamlined. Entire team along with the manager of the project are automated and connected using the TImeLive application.

expense recording toolCloud Based Application without Installation

As discussed above that the application is online and does not require hardware support, the application does not require any kind of heavy files’ installation for the use of the software. Anyone with the login accounts can access the application by just typing the address in the browser. Employees along with clients can easily access the latest information from the organization according to the roles assigned to them. The profits and income for the company can be increased using the method and the entire data is stored at a central location that is a cloud for everyone’s access at any time.

Licensing & Purchase for Web Service

The licensing type of the application varies from plan to plan and pricing directly depends on the chosen criteria needed by the company. With the options of licensing one can buy the software, modify it as per the requirements and can also sell it further to other clients and customers. The source code can also be sold to other clients with the rights of ownership. The software is developed using the best databases for rapid access and storage i.e. SQL server and.NET framework supports the application for business management using different features. The SOAP protocol for the transfer of information is used.

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