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Organization Managing Various Aspects

employee management appNow days the companies are looking for individuals that are expert in using the latest applications and software as these are becoming an inevitable part of the project planning and employee management. With the use of multiple different applications, the organizations are achieving their defined goals and milestones at a much higher rate. The clients are managed in an effective manner by recording the data appropriately within the accounts and they are billed using the automatically generated invoices at the rates specified by the company and employees. All these things are managed in a synchronized way with the help of the timesheet software named TimeLive which is further integrated with the QuickBooks application mainly used for bookkeeping services.

Requests for Time off in Companies

With the increased use of technology and services the applications are adopted as backbone for the organization and the entire system is transformed into computer based system. The time off requests and recording is also managed using the cloud-based employee management application. Before the beginning of the vacations an employee requested, the intimation to the manager is made so that appropriate scheduling of employee in the absence could be done by the management in order to avoid the loss and failures for tasks and projects. The policies are set by the company either for the entire organization or for some specific group of people within the company. The approval paths for the time offs of employees could be customized according to the criteria defined by the organization.

expense trackingCreation of Client Invoice

Invoice creation for the client was very crucial in the past and requires extra care in order to build up the confidence in the company and the performance of the employees. With the help of the TimeLive application, the manual task is turned to be computerized overcoming the need for paperwork and eliminating the chances of errors. All the billed and not billed entries are marked and the application smartly fetches the records to generate the invoices. The tax options are defined by the company and calculation can be done by the application in an efficient manner. The logos for the companies can be updated at the top of the invoice and company defined headers and footers can also be specified by the company for the official document of the organization.

Expense Tracking & Maintenance

Expenses are tracked with the TimeLive application and all the expenses of the organization and outside in the field are recorded soon after they are generated. The interface for the entry of the expenses is very interactive and allows the rapid communication of employees and application. Expenses can be entered in the currency supported by the company and also in the currency in which the expense is incurred. The reimbursement of the currency can be made in any supported currency. Along with that the expense sheets can be attached to memos and receipts for the expenses in order to create confidence of clients in an organization.

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