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Planning Business Management

TimeLive applicationIn the modern world of technology, the companies are working and completing the projects with a technical approach and had hired well-known IT technicians for the use of modern software applications to the business needs. TimeLive developed by the brilliant designers and expert professionals of Livetecs does not require the technical assistance of the IT expert and is really easy to use by the individual employees as it is created for them.  Entire operations related to the finances of a company and resolving the time related issues are managed with the help of the online application.

Smart Style to Record Expenses & Time

The smarter approach for the business management could be followed while using the TimeLive application as all the work is done with computers instead of the traditional paper-pencil management. The chances of errors in this way could be reduced and any calculative mistakes could be avoided during the recording of expenses, time and budgets for the project. Employees can therefore readily enter the time they worked on the allocated projects on either daily or weekly basis facilitating the convenience to track records. Moreover, the expenses are recorded at the time they are incurred so that nothing left unrecorded, making the company track each and every penny going out for different projects. Businesses can, therefore, flourish with the investment of energy from employees and managers at the equal level.

expense sheetAdapting the Application for Company

The customization of the TimeLive application according to the requirements and criteria defined by the company is really easy and does not cost a single penny for the expert as any personal from the company can make it ready for the purpose by providing appropriate details about the locations, departments and employees working in different branches of the company. The reports can be modified and new reports can be created by changing the formula fields of the report. The administrator of the company can define customized header and footer text for the reports along with the specific icon of the report. Moreover, the reports can also be exported to the system by selecting the required format.

Business Handling Anytime & Anywhere

With the modernization of the world in the massive increase in the use of latest mobile phones, the business organizations are looking for the solution to the problem of working while traveling. Business officials and managers can track employee performance while they are on some business tour or are attending the meetings with delegates and clients. The TimeLive application is available in android and iOS software featuring the services in the best possible way. Memos and receipts of the expenses can be attached along with the expense sheets in order to assist the managers to check the authenticity of the expense and hence the approval is also guaranteed reducing time for approvals.

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