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Project Initiation Phase – First Step Of Project Management Lifecycle

Achieving success in a project is never easy. You may encounter a lot of trouble and potholes while going through it. Accurate project planning is crucial before you start working on it since the most promising project often fails if not planned properly. Project time management with an effective structure and well-defined goals is also another important factor in a successful project plan. This kind of preparation is the project initiation phase- considered as the most critical phase in the project management process because the whole process relies on it. The project initiation phase determines the objective, final scope, and outcome of the project.

1. Create a Project Charter:

The beginning of the initiation phase includes the creation of a project agreement. In this agreement, mention the project’s complete details. The details carry information about the purpose and principles of the project. It also mentions the goals, objectives, stakeholders, outcomes, and possibilities. Overall, the project charter represents the whole structure of the project and its implementation details which helps in decision making and determining the best methods of proceeding with the project. 

2. Determine Scope: 

By defining the scope, you can expect the goals and have an idea about what might be the deliverables. As a charter, the scope defines the requirements of the project, including deliverables, restraints, and outcome. Project scope helps the manager to keep check of all the requirements of the project like if the project is going ahead as planned, is completed on time, and the final results are coming out as planned. Nevertheless, project scope gives a pathway to work on a project.

3. Identify the Right People:  

The next important thing in the project initiation phase is setting up your workforce. You need to have a competent team to complete a project. Human resource is the greatest asset of your business and the people you choose are key in attaining success in the project. Setting up the most compatible team is a challenge. It involves outlining the role of every individual clearly. Here comes the responsibility of a manager. A manager keeps in mind the strength and weaknesses of each worker based on past experiences and while allotting tasks, he needs to be cautious enough. A manager should be aware of his employee’s skills, experience, and availability while assigning tasks to them. Together these qualities along with the best resources are prerequisites for achieving the outcome of the project in accordance with the scope outlines. 

Since we understand the importance of team workers in a project, identifying the stakeholder who takes the responsibility of handling the project’s timeline is also important. Hence, you need to do this in the early stages of project management to make sure of the timely project deliverables. An acronym RACI (responsibility, accountability, consulted, and informed) is a powerful key while planning a project. By allocating tasks to individuals in these categories, one can easily determine the role of each participant and stakeholder. 

4. Manage Expectations: 

While managing a project, expect realistic. Keeping clear and realistic expectations in the initiation phase helps workers to be assured of their progress. Unrealistic and extraordinary high expectations can lead to project failure because, despite best efforts, complications and hurdles may occur. Therefore, having prepared for it already is crucial while working on any project and achieving success. 

 The straight path to the project’s success lies in creating a strong project charter, defining the scope well, managing truthful expectations, and choosing the right people to accomplish the goals and objectives of the project. Together these things with good management software ensure the best results.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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