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Prominent Features of TimeLive

simple and easy softwareThe time spent by an employee on a specific task or project can be calculated easily using Timelive software. The timesheet software is very simple and easy to use. The software supports the multilevel approval paths for the timesheet and when the timesheet is approved the employee is automatically notified via email. Different methods can be used for the input of the data and the data can be altered according to the needs of the organization. The software allows the user to customize the appearance of the software according to the will and ease of the firm.

Making Expense Tracking Simple

Expense Tracking has always been a challenge for the companies and it is very important to enter and manage the expense because a little careless can result in a great loss of the company. The expense tracking is one of the amazing features of the Timelive because with the help of this feature the expense sheet is generated quite precisely without any human error. The expense tracking takes place online with the help of the software hence the paperwork is completely eliminated from the company. One of the greatest features of the expense tracking is that it supports the input in multiple currencies, which means expense can be entered in any currency.

invoice of clientBilling & Invoicing

The most beneficiary feature of the Timelive software is the time billing and invoicing. The software allows the company to create the invoice of the client by simply pushing a few buttons. This software saves the company a large amount of time and the results obtained from an electronic source are more reliable and authentic. The software only requires the billable time and expense entries and in return it provides a complete invoice for the customer within a few minutes. With the help of time billing and invoicing feature the companies work more efficiently and faster.

Timelive as Open Source

Timelive provides different license options. The software allows the organizations to modify the features of the software according to the will because the source code is provided to the user. Timelive also provides the facility of ownership agreement by purchasing this agreement the user can also send the software to other clients. Purchasing the software helps a lot in utilizing the features of the software.

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