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Quick Reports of Employee’s Performance by TimeLive

Custom field reportsIt is sometimes difficult to calculate the performance of the employees working on a combined project. The worked hours are hectic to calculate and thus the individual’s effort is not considered appropriately. The employees, therefore, are unable to receive the relevant incentives. To overcome the situation LiveTecs has offered an amazing application that keeps track of the hour worked and the amount of billable expenses to the employees – TimeLive. By making use of the web application, the report generation of an employee is done in a small amount of time and easily. There are custom fields that could be added or removed as per the requirement of the organization working with TimeLive. 

Custom Fields for Report

The reports of the employees could be created on the field the organization needs and different types of layout are supported for the reports’ headers and footers. Any formula can be used by the user in order to devise the report card of the employee performance on a particular job or project or the complete work history of the employee. TimeLive is a remarkable application bringing revolution in the field of official workings either in finance or technological offices. It is making the lives of the supervisors easy as they can keep an eye on the employee’s activities at any place.

report generatingGenerating Reports for all Employees

Overall performance of all the employees can be generated rapidly with TimeLive in minutes but before the introduction of the application a lot of time and paper was required to fulfill the requirement. A supervisor or project manager can assign the jobs and keep a check on the performance by generating the reports to get to know the benefits from the employee and its complete working experience report gives the organization the information about the loyalties of the employee towards the organization. All the credit goes to TimeLive by LiveTecs.

Keeping the Authorities Aware

All the reports that are generated about the employee performance or project advancements are sent to the higher management to keep a look at the organization’s activities. Whenever a report is generated the employee is notified via an e-mail in the TimeLive application. The reports of the employee can be edited by the application and the changes made are recorded in the audit for easy access to previous performance. This feature helps in the decision making for selecting the employees whose incentives should be increased, and to who the bonus should be awarded. This increases the loyalties of employees towards the organization.

Great Help in Employee Management

A lot of difficult tasks can be managed in minutes by generating the employees’ reports online timesheet management as it makes the supervisor aware of the performance and availability of the employees to whom the job can be assigned. TimeLive is really such an application that helps in managing the workforce of the organization in the best possible way to improve the outcome of the organization and eventually the profit and reputation of the organization.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. He is deeply interested in areas like time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through his writing, he aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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