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Reduce The Chances of Errors During The Expense Sheet Easily Without Any Ambiguity

expense sheet maintainanceExpense sheet helps the organization to calculate the amount incurred during the different phases of the project development and advancements. The expense sheet maintenance can be a tiring and cumbersome task for the managers and employees working on some particular project. Employees can be working on more than one project so it would be very crucial for them to record all the expenses appropriately manually on the expense sheet. TimeLive, therefore, assists the organization to overcome the problem and to reduce the chances of errors during the expense sheet easily without any ambiguity. The application is very convenient and simple to use and easy to understand for every leveled employee. The feature of an expense sheet in dashboard gives control to users.

Adding Employee Name

Within the option of ‘My Expense Sheets’ the name of the employee who is submitting the expense sheet is selected from the list of all the enrolled employees working in the organization. The description about the expense can be written on the sheet for ease of understanding. Along with the expense, the relevant date of the expense incurred can also be added. The currency in which the expense is to be reimbursed by the client is selected as per the demand of the project or organization. The amount to be reimbursed is also entered by the employee. This can be done by clicking on the button of ‘add’ in the ‘My Expense Sheets’.

payment methodExpense & Project Name for Expense:

The project along which the employee is submitting the expense sheet can be selected from the drop down list menu of ‘Project Name’ for ease of access. The expense list is present within the application from which one can select the required one. The supported expenses are ‘Air Travel’, ‘Auto Rental’, ‘Car Mileage’, ‘Food’, ‘Gas’, ‘Hotel Stay’, ‘Meal’, ‘Taxi’ and ‘Parking’. The choice of reimburse is present in the form of the checkbox for marking expense as reimburse or not. Moreover, the status of the expense sheet can also be viewed and changed according to the different phase (like submitted, approved and others). The expense sheet generated can be edited and submitted to the supervisors for approvals by clicking on the button and can also be deleted.

Tax and Payment Option:

The user defined payment method (according to the convenience of the user) can be selected from the various methods supported. The option of selecting the ‘American Express’, ‘Cash’, ‘Master Card’ and ‘Visa’ is there providing the customer with increased flexibility. Moreover, the currency for the payment of the expense tracking can also be customized in the one in which it is incurred by selecting from the drop-down list menu. As per the requirement of the expense the parameters also vary and the company defined tax can also be inputted within the expense sheet. In the TimeLive application, the attachments (like bills and receipts) can be attached and whether the amount is billable or not is also selected.

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