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Reports for Employees Attendance

Employees reportTimeLive is the web based application helping the organizations to manage the resources and employees online. The most important asset of the companies and organization is their employees and manpower. Management of the employee’s performance is the issue of concern for almost every organization. The online software allows the company to make the reports of the employees’ attendance and to ensure their availability using feature of the generation of reports. The higher attendance of the employees promises increased performance and better achievement of organization’s goals.

Detailed Report of Employee Attendance

The detail report of the employee performance can be generated using the web application for any given interval of time. In the dashboard, under the option of ‘My Reports’ an option for the employee detail attendance report exists for the report of employee.The manager can select different parameters according to the requirement and can specify employees whose reports are needed. The reports for all the employees could also be generated by providing the particular time. TimeLive allows selecting the particular employee whose report is needed. The start date and end date of the time interval can be selected from the calendar presented. The type of the report can also be switched from detailed to consolidated. The ‘Show’ button generates the attendance report of employees. The option for printing the complete report is also given and this can be done simply by clicking a button. The page can be switched to the next pages easily by selecting the appropriate from the drop down list. The report can be exported to the disk of the computer in different file formats supported.

absence reportAbsence Report for Employees

Within the date range specified by managers and administrators, the absence report both in detail and, in general, can be created byTimeLive application. The type of the leaves and the number of leaves of the employee can be viewed in the report. The employee whose absence report is required can be selected easily from the list of all the employees enrolled in the company. The report can also be switched to the consolidated from the detailed report according to the requirement of the company. The application no doubt helps a lot in report creation of employees.

Summary Report

Summary report of the employees’ attendance can help the administrator to generate the report for payroll purposes. The report can be customized using the link given. The name of the report can be changed to the organization’s required name and also the description can be written according to requirements. The logo for the report can be uploaded and upon the report the logo of the company can also be printed. The header and footer of the report can be managed in the option of customization. The columns for the report can be selected and changed according to the policies of the company. The order of the columns can also be managed in the ‘next’ option. The report can be generated from the detail report.

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