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Simplify The Process of Inserting Tasks for Each Project

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An organization deals with numerous tasks at a time and where accomplishment of each one holds equally great significance. Task management turns out to be chaotic at times because of several employees working on them and their lack of teamwork and collaboration. Timelive allows users correspond with the team assigned to a particular task to trade off latest adjustment and has simplify the process of inserting tasks for each project without any uncertainty.

Name of Project for Task & Parent Task

The “Add” button on the dashboard allows the administrator to add on new tasks and put in or select the project name starting all the projects happening within the company. A ‘Parent task’ for each new task, to make it work as ‘child task’, can be selected. Likewise there comes an option to fill up parameters and set or add the target and high point of the tasks.

Assignment to Employee and Status

The feature of the application gives you a catalog where all the employees within the company are listed from where the admin or manager can easily opt for the suitable one analyzing his skills and expertise for a particular task and define the due date. The “Task Status” tab enables one to manage task’s position and gives options to insert start date, end date and progress and so on.

Description and Priority of Task

On the page that opens up after you click the “Add” button there’s comes an option to add the task name and suitable description to make the employee aware of its particulars and requirements. The description section is mandatory and thus can’t be left unfilled. The task priority can also be set from urgent to high, low or medium as suitable and required.


Estimation of Cost, Time & Defining Billing Rates

The application allows managers to estimate the cost earned and sustained during the project completion and change currency for the cost estimation as per the organization’s strategies and task requirements. Even the hours worked on a particular project can also be estimated and the billing currency and rates can be placed what employee demands or manager decides. To give the task as an additional overhaul from the company, the online timesheet can be intact as billable.

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