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“Success By choice – Not By Chance” Learn the Characteristics of High-Performance Project Leaders & their Teams!

Harmony, Co-ordination, Synchronized Effort. Though it’s difficult but can be learnt!



Geoff Colvin’s best-seller book “Humans are under-rated” has challenged the conventional notion of emphasizing on individual best performers and highlighted the significance of teamwork. To compete in today’s fast-paced corporate mainstream, sustaining top-notch teams is crucial rather depending on individual top performers. Having “smartest guys under one roof” won’t help much if they are unable to work with other team members smoothly. Organizations need to re-think how they approach talent that can be effective enough to make them excel.

Truly great organizations specially project-driven ones don’t reach the peak just with their latest new products, a spot on the Fortune 500 or their stock price but because of their people who make them stand out of the crowd. From a CEO to a Project Team Lead, it is the portfolio of great team players that makes or breaks an entity. IBM conducted a survey in 2012 which showed that 71% CEO’s admit that human capital is the key source of unrelenting economic value!

Best Leadership Builds Best Teams!

Close-knitted, top performing teams or the ones who “click”- never fall off their goals track, they always have their aims and objectives in sight and are greatly lucrative. Rather, it can be said that such teams have a self-sustaining life of their own. But what constitutes a great team? It comes down from a great leadership which makes a high-performing team that achieves organizational aims and becomes greatly rewarding to it.
At the Europe-Based Organizational Research Center, 99% of the cases in which teams are highly efficient or the ones who always “click” have proficient project leaders. The leaders, who form winning environment, construct effective principles and values which are encouraging to top performance. It is believed that such leaders have a systematic and organized way of forming successful teams. The formula of a great project leader not only includes what a leader should say & do but also what a leader shouldn’t say & do. Backward working is also significant; project leaders must visualize the future afore dealing with the present.



High-impact project managers have following four significant behaviors:

1. They outline the “Big Picture”, i.e. defining future goals clearly, keeping complete organizational aim under consideration.
2. Drafts a layout of actions needed to achieve those goals.
3. Utilize “Powerful Conversations”. They opt a language which can intimate trust among team members, conduce forward thinking and forms energy in the team.
4. They pick “Fanatical Champions”. High-impact project leaders get the right people involved in the project. They outline tasks on the basis of individual competence.
5. Choose “Right PM tools”. To complete tasks competently and within the deadlines, project leaders pick just the right project management tools. One example can be Timelive Time-tracking solution, which is one efficient project management tool and hence the choice of many successful leaders.

A great American Tennis Player “Arthur Ashe” once quoted “I have never been worried about losing or winning, I just simply went for it everytime”. Same goes with the high-performing project leaders; they get their teams ready and let them go for it.

However, the most crucial aspect in forming a best team is identifying key players and aligning tasks as per their competencies. A survey conducted by North Gate Arinso, a human resource consultancy based in USA, states that approximately 90% of the project leaders believe that “procuring the right people at the right place and at the right time is the key to organizational success”




5 Characteristics of High-Performance Team!

What makes a great team? Not just functional and not just good, but Great!
Great leadership makes great teams and the teams who reach the highest pinnacle of performance; they encompass the following significant characteristics.

1. Common Goal:

The reason which compels the teams to collaborate is a “common purpose”. In most cases, teams aren’t really aware about their actual goal and what their success should look like. A clearly defined and compelling purpose for collaboration is what gives them motive to work together. A common purpose is something that unites the team members together. It’s the ultimate responsibility of the team leadership to clearly define that common purpose so that the team can be united and sustained during the time of turbulences. Kurtzman a renowned global leader in business have listed American Express, Li & Fung Limited and FM Global as such organizations which have identified common goals with best performing teams.

2. Clear Roles:

With clearly identified common purpose, team members can perform outstandingly but who has to do what is also needed to be define to avoid possible clashes. Defining clear roles denotes designing, dividing and deploying the work of team members as per the competency of each member. Researches at Halogen believe “Systematic organizational structure should be considered as a skeleton of the organization”.

But who will align the roles and clearly define them to the members? Of course, it’s the responsibility of the project leader to make team members understand what’s their role and duties in a team but still, at times, team members can get confused during the project about a certain task. So, what can be the solution? A PM tool can be helpful. Across the globe, high-impact project managers employ Project Management Tools like “Timelive”. Tools like Timelive have greater significance in defining job roles, creating tasks, sub-tasks and assigning deadlines.

3. Recognized Leadership:

Teams that reach the peak of performance are likely to have a competent and recognized leadership. If a project leader is in-competent and lacks the leadership skills then it’s most probable for a team to lose its way. Though a compelling and common task is undoubtedly the biggest contributor of team efficiency, still, inadequate project leadership may fail the team to attain desired outcomes.

4. Effective Processes!

Teams and Processes go hand in hand. It will never occur to a string quartet, a construction crew, a film crew or a surgical team to achieve any particular goal without clearly defined process. Business processes have immense significance when it comes to team effectiveness. These processes involve problem-solving, decision-making, managing meetings and product designing etc. Here, again a project management tool is beneficial to employ. Project leaders can use Timelive time-tracking software to manage their business processes, track working hours, calculate project expenses, maintaining project budgets and developing comprehensive task reports.

5. Exceptional Communication!

Communication plays an effective role in managing a high-performance team that “clicks”. Effective and exceptional communication models must be employed to enhance team effectiveness. James Hobner stated “Communication can be stated as the very mean of Co-Operation”. Timely, clear, accurate and fast communication is a hallmark of top-performing teams. Studies disclosed that the high-performance teams have grasped the skill of straight talk to ditch misunderstandings or confusions. Communication with a firm intentionality tends to formulate an effective communication channel and sustain excellent team communication.



To Conclude:

Top-performing teams are not born they are built. Above mentioned characteristics are a few essentials that make a team efficient and result-oriented. For project-driven organizations, project leadership has to integrate these crucial characteristics in a team to attain desired outcomes and let each individual outshine with full competence.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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