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The Small Business Guide to Project Management Tools

Being a small business, it’s plausible that you carefully (and wisely) assess every new investment your company makes for a substantial ROI. When contemplating an investment in project management integration tools, you’ll need to know if it’s a significant investment or something that could be managed just as easily without supplementing another tool to the toolbox and one more expense to the balance sheet.

Project management (PM) is a fundamental part of your small business’s operations for several reasons, such as:

  • Introducing a shared idea and goal.
  • Diminishing project “clashes” that can interrupt your workflow.
  • Creating clarity to output that is assessable and holds liability.
  • Showing impediments to accomplishing goals.
  • Excluding mindless jobs by attaching every task to a project and then moving them up to high-level goals.

Project management is essential and worth the expense for a bevy of many other reasons that may be particular to your novel business model. A lack of a reliable project management tool to promote your endeavors can wreck your management’s effectiveness, drive to unclear and unattained goals, and leave your team infuriated and demotivated. Your purpose for project management is to get your team working at its best level, with its corporate, proverbial eye on the lead.

Should your SMB go towards the cloud for the best PM integration?

The clear-cut answer is, in a word, seemingly. Cloud computing is extensively pervading throughout enterprises both large and small, with a projected rise in investment from $67 billion in 2015 to $162 billion by 2020, ascribing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19 percent, as promulgated by Forbes.

The utility of the cloud for PM integration is a near-ideal fit for most small companies for many vital reasons.

It’s cost-effective.

Typically, your SMB will get access to an enterprise-level software tool without the hefty price tag. The subscription-based model provides for a lower initial expense and often a trial option.

It needs limited hardware.

A further cost-saving constituent falls into the hardware level. Typically, your cloud-based PM integration tool will need zero hardware or infrastructure and no continuance.

It proffers security.

Accomplishing the level of security needed in today’s unpredictable environment may be unattainable for the small industry. From security violations to power blackouts, network or hardware malfunctions, and even accidental human errors, security issues are often better addressed by the support of cloud-based PM tools.

It’s accessible even without in-house tech expertise.

Easy to acquire and execute, cloud-based PM options are ideal for the SMB that has inadequate (or maxed out) tech resources.

It desegregates seamlessly with other relevant software.

It starts with picking the right tool for your business — one that gives out-of-the-box integrations with your current software tools, so integration is a flurry.

It’s poised to scale with your small business.

With usage-based pricing and differing levels of hallmarks and functionality, the cloud-based project management tool is available for you in the startup stage and as you start to grow.

Before you make any choice, it’s a right approach to do some due diligence. Your PM software integration with tools employed in the daily operations of your business is necessary. Make sure to take inventory of the tech tools currently in action, and then evaluate the integration functionality of your PM software options, including:

Your accounting software.

Budgeting, forecasting, and billing get streamlined with the integration of a project management tool with your accounting tool.

Your business intelligence software.

Data is the key to right decision-making. By desegregating your business aptitude tools with your PM tools, you’ll build the ultimate success for your small business. Using data to manage your projects will conclusively increase the progress of your business.

Your marketing and marketing automation tools.

Take the 360 view of your marketing leads, from SEO metrics to email KPIs to client reviews, besides your PM tool. In one fell swoop, you’ll get insight into how projects are going forward as well as how they are working.

As an SMB, you may be taking off on the investment in a PM tool. You might think your team is buzzing along fine without the necessity to include a new tool and a new expense, but you may have a wrong sense of security. Your current methods may not be effective as you think, and they may not be able to scale. But the visibility that a reliable PM tool brings to your SMB can take you to the next level.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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