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The Workings of the Employee Timesheets – Easy Efficient and Effective

One of the toughest jobs is making sure that the employees in an organization are doing their job right, not wasting time and that the overall workflow at the office is productive. In order to do so many companies utilize time to track software that contains timesheets and such for effective monitoring and increasing work productivity.

Livetec’s TimeLive time tracking software provides some of the most effective and efficient timesheets for employees at big or small workplaces that help managers with the workflow and help them come to solutions that are beneficial for the organization as a whole.

The employee timesheet feature of the TimeLive software is very handy when it comes to keeping a check and balance on employees and determining the productivity pattern throughout the day, so supervisors and managers know when to motivate the employees to get them to perform as per requirements and when they need a break.

Using the employee timesheet feature is quite simple. Managers can easily manage time, expenses and time off of employees. The feature gives options to manage the employees as per location or department according to company requirements. The employee sheet is fairly easy to understand, it consists of the employee details such as name, their department and where they are located whether they work at the head office, or at a branch or even off-site.

The sheet also shows when an employee has asked for time off, and when an employee is a due time off on certain projects. There are notifications that too that alerts the supervisors, so they can make informed decisions when assigning tasks.

Furthermore, the employee timesheets also give you the option of a professional-consultant timesheet that lets you customize the timesheet with the rates of your company whether they are weekly, daily, monthly, bi-monthly, hourly etc.

With various slots assigned to each employee along with tasks, the software successfully tracks what each employee is achieving in the allotted time. This feature surely helps the manager identify problems within the work environment and even if a manager may not be physically present within the organization they can take effective measures easily without wasting valuable time.

The TimeLive employee timesheet also effectively removes communication barriers within the organization especially the ones that exist inter-department, as the timesheets are always accessible to all managers and supervisors along with the employees. However, the team members only have a limited view or access that allows them to ask for time offs, put in their work is done data and the other related things.

Overall, the entire employee timesheet that comes with the time tracking software TimeLive by Livetecs is very simple to use and extremely effective when it comes to human resource management.


Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. He is deeply interested in areas like time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through his writing, he aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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