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Time Management Hacks for Marketers

The days appear to be getting longspun, but for marketers, there’s no time like the today.

With so much to concentrate on — from modifications to Facebook’s privacy rules to changes to the Instagram algorithm, marketing can frequently feel like a play of whack-a-mole. Rather than racing from one point to the next, here are few time management hacks for marketers that can make your day more prolific — and less stressful.

  1. Focus on Tasks Linked to Revenue

Do you ever stop work feeling like you were occupied all day, yet questioning what, exactly, you achieved? It’s easy to spend time on so-called “busy work” — responding to emails, sitting in meetings, and acknowledging to news alerts — without actually accomplishing anything. There are so numerous distracting, shiny things: email, social media, conferences, calls. Before you understand it, the day is already over.

Try this practice: keep an eye on your regular activities over the next week to see how you’re consuming your time. TimeLive’s time tracker can help you see what uses up most of your energy and concentration during the workday. Then, recalibrate. What things are helping you directly accomplish your marketing objects (and hence, gain revenue), and what activities are merely getting in your way? Concentrate on the things that have the most significant impact on your business, and re-prioritize everything after that.

  1. Maximize Your Minimum Effort

Are you familiar with the 80/20 Pareto rule? Simply, the Pareto rule says that 20% of your input can generate 80% of your return. This is a key postulate for marketers and for time management overall. Firstly, it indicates 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. Consequently, you can streamline your selling efforts to target those picked few — and consume less time, energy, and resources on far-flung selling efforts to the whole world of potential clients.

Furthermore, as a productivity hack, it indicates that 20% of your time can present 80% of your results. The Pareto rule allows you focus on the few things that are actually necessary on your to-do list. It feels fabulous to cross everything off your to-do list, but consuming time on unimportant tasks is hindering you from concentrating on the larger things that will have a more significant impact.

  1. Set Productivity KPIs

Key performance indicators are a marketer’s best friend (or worst nemesis, depending on how your operations are doing). You plausibly already have KPIs for your social media platforms and marketing leads. Did you know you can also establish informal KPIs to understand how you can best utilize your time? Hack your to-do list to make it more explicit, calculable, and action-based. Rather than “write social media posts,” your KPI should read “write 10 Instagram posts by Friday at noon.” This provides you with a better sense of how long a job will take, and prompt you to allocate time respectively.

  1. Automate As Much As Possible

Bring on the robots! The best time management hacks? Having free tools do your task for you. Buffer and Hootsuite are great choices for scheduling your social media posts before time. MailChimp and enable you to automate email campaigns. Hubspot and Marketo can further streamline your head generation and inbound sales shafts. For marketers, these tools can turbo-boost your marketing campaigns in no time.

  1. Make Your Calendar Work for You

Sometimes, one of the toughest parts of time management is maintaining your actual time. Working in an office comes with loads of interruptions, diversions, and responsibilities. Make your calendar your first layer of protection against time creep. Block off times on your calendar for “fake” conferences to give yourself continuous work time. Pad offsite meetings with travel time to lessen the stress of hurrying from place to place. Set up self-reminder events in your program to keep a trail of deadlines. Add a scheduling tool like Calendly to whack down on email traffic and make it simple for people outside your organization to find time to meet with you.

Take a deep breath, carve out some time for your headspace, and use some ingenious tools to take charge of your workday. By using your calendar, marketing automation hacks, and some strict prioritization, you suck more energy out of your day (and get back to living your best life).

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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