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Time Management of Smaller Tasks

expense trackingA project running in a firm is decomposed into smaller tasks. These tasks are then assigned to different employees. This makes the project easy and it is also completed on time. Shorter tasks make the work easy but it is a great deal for the managers because now they need to keep an eye on the smaller tasks as well and this makes the organizing a tough job. The time of each task and the expenses occurring in performing the task are very difficult to manage. That is why time management software is provided by Livetecs that provides expense tracking and time tracking.

Task against Project Name

For the ‘dashboard’, underneath the option regarding ‘My Tasks’, hitting the button of ‘add’ provides control towards the administrator to help enter new tasks for a few particular challenge. The name of the project which the task is usually to be entered can be selected from all the projects which are in progress in the company. To the new activity, a father or mother task can be selected under that your new activity acts as child activity. Moreover, the milestone on the task may also be added towards the task information by completing the details.

employee statusEmployee Status & Activities

The position can possibly be assigned towards the employee who may have the best skills for this accomplishment of the tasks. Each of the employees is generally listed in the area from which the suitable can be selected. Additionally, the due date of the work can possibly be easily defined towards the employees. The status of the task can be easily managed from your ‘Task Status’ choice within that your start day, an end day, and this completed percentage on the task may also be inserted.

Using the Services

The name of the new task can be entered in the text box on the next page after the click on the ‘Add’ button. Appropriate and suitable description needed to make these employees aware of the task’s information and requirements. This description can be entered and is also a vital field regarding filling and doesn’t allow this employee to help proceed making it. The priority of the tasks can be changed from urgent towards the required (like high, medium and low) to be able to mark the greatest priority staff tracking application tasks towards the top so they could be managed correctly.

Time Billing and Invoicing

The price tag incurred through the completion of the task can be estimated by the managers while they are encountered. The currency to the estimation of the cost can be changed simply to the tasks’ necessity or according to organization’s insurance policies. The timeframe (hours needed) to the completion of the task may also be estimated by the managers. The payments currency plus the rates to the billing can be set good employees’ calls for or managers’ selections. The on the internet timesheet task can be un-marked as billable to be able to give the work as a supplementary service from your company.

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