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Time Offs Reports of Employees

Timesheet appTime offs is the leaves and absence of employees from the work and organization due to any reason whether personal, vacation, sick leaves or any others. The employees are allowed company defined leaves on monthly and yearly basis and also for some particular occasion. Moreover, the leaves can also be earned according to extra hours worked or other reasons as well. The reports for the time offs of employees are generated byTimeLive application very conveniently. Only a few clicks and the report of the employee is ready to view the time offs.

Request Report of Employees

The report for the requests of the time offs of specific or all employees within the organization can be generated easily using the web application. On the ‘dashboard’ under the option of ‘My Reports’, the report of employee time off, is useful for the purpose. Various different parameters for creating the customized report are present on the next page of the report. Any particular employee or all the employee’s reports can be created by selecting the appropriate option. The project in which the employee requested for time off can also be selected to create the report. The locations and departments of the employee whose report is needed can also be selected from the drop down list. The roles of the employees can be selected from the given parameters and time off policy can be selected the standard one. Any particular type of leave’s report can also be created by mentioning it in the search bar. The report generated could be detailed and consolidated as well.

status of employeeDetailed Report of Time offs of Employee:

The detail of the time offs of the employees can be generated simply by selecting the employee from the list of employees. The appropriate filling up of the parameters allows generating the reports as per requirements. The employee name, date range of the time offs and description of the leaves, are provided in the detail view of reports. The duration of leaves and hours of the time off is given in the report. The status of the requests of time offs could be viewed as approved, submitted or rejected. Some particular entry for the report can also be searched from the option given at the top of the report in online system timesheet. Moreover, the report can be printed and saved to the disk in any required format.

Audit Report of Employees’ Time Off:

The report for requesting and making changes to the report or even deleting the report can also be generated using the web application. Detailed report of any changes made recently or previously can be viewed using the option of ‘Employee Time off Audit Report’. Any particular employee can be selected from the list in order to have a look at the history of earned and consumed leaves of the employee. The last row of the report shows the overall summary of the hours off from all employees to check the absent hours of organization. For more details please visit our blog.

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