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TimeLive and Employee’s Reports

employees reportMost of the projects running in a company are combined which means a team of employees works together on the specific project. In such cases, it is very difficult to calculate the performance of the employees individually. The calculation hours worked by each employee on the project is very difficult task and thus the appropriate calculation of the employee’s effort is missed. This results adversely on the earnings and incentives for the employee. In order to face this difficult time, management software is developed by Livetecs known as Timelive. This software allows the user to keep track of the employees time and calculate their working hours and offtime.

Generating reports

By arranging all the data, the software generates a report regarding the timesheet software. The reports that are generated can be customized according to the needs of the organization. The reports can be printed in different layouts and the appearance of the report can be altered regarding the will of the user. The company can calculate the report by using any formula.

employees performance reportTime Efficient

In order to generate a complete report of all the employees performance, a large amount of time is required to carry out the task and it should be done precisely. But after the introduction of Timelive software the generation of reports has become a matter of few minutes and it requires only a few clicks. With the help of the software, the authorities keep themselves acknowledged of the progress of the employee on the assigned task. The reports generated with the help of the software keep the company aware of the loyalties of their employees.

Helping Hand for Higher Authorities

The job of the manager is to keep track of the activities of the organization and take necessary steps for the welfare of the company. The reports generated by the software are passed to the managers so that they can keep an eye on the performance of the employees and the overall progress of the company. A notification is sent to employees via email whenever a report is generated and hence the employee can apply for the changes essential to the report. The reports help in deciding the bonuses for the deserving employees.

Future of Management

Many difficult and time-consuming tasks can be performed with the help of Timelive quite simply and within a few minutes. The reports generated by the software allow the authorities to keep track of the performance of the employees and always keep the employees under consideration to whom the task can be assigned. The software is user-friendly and can be operated by any non-technical person easily. The software is web based that increase its availability and working because the companies don’t need to install any external hardware or plug-in to run the software.

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