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TimeLive App Meet Requirements

Timesheet appThere are so many applications available online for the management of the timesheet in order to manage the projects and employees. These applications are static and do not give the choice of making the application ready to use in the context a business or an organization demands. The solution was proposed by TimeLive – LiveTecs. Every organization can now make use of the application in a manner they require and in the way it suits their business needs. These customizations are not highly technical and an individual can make the changes easily in minutes without any professional assistance.

Selecting the Interval for Timesheet

The software organizations and the finance projects require different time intervals for the entry in Timesheet. They are therefore given the choice for changing the number of days in an interval as per the requirements. The customization allows them to opt from daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and semi-monthly periods of time. On this basis, the TimeLive makes the managers to assess the performance of the employees and to track the hours worked by each individual employee. And the result is the improvement of organizational outcome.

Customied timesheetCustomized Notifications

When any employee submits the Timesheet for approval a customized e-mail notification is sent to the supervisor in case of unavailability. An employee can add in the required fields and can also remove the default fields of the e-mail notification. Similarly, if the supervisor approves the pending timesheet he/she can also send the customized e-mail to notify the employee. Custom notifications app are also there keeping the users aware of all the changes and updates being done in the system. TimeLive is, therefore, a very versatile application making the end users to change it to the best-needed extent in a small amount of time.

Method of Approval

The online timesheet software is submitted by the employees working in the team, but the manager or supervisor is responsible for approving the submitted sheet. In some companies the approval is made by the multiple heads and supervisors, in such situation TimeLive allows the multiple approval levels of the employee timesheet. Moreover, the approval for different projects’ Timesheet is also supported in the web application – TimeLive. This customization can be done by the manager of the project or employees easily without any knowledge of technicalities of the software. Hence, the software is ready to use by every organization.

Creating Your Own Report

Reports about the projects and the performance of the employees are generated in all the organization. This process is hectic and requires much time and timesheet software allows generating the reports using the software. These reports are not always used as the reports vary from organization to organization. The software available online does not provide the facility of customization of reports. TimeLive allows the supervisors and managers to generate the reports as their requirements by customizing the already available reports or creating the entire new template for the reports.

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