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TimeLive Application for Business Industry

business managementTime tracking applications are becoming more and more common in the increasing world of technology and business management is now done using the computers removing the need for paper pencil recording. The use of the online applications for the time and expense tracking is more common in the leading organizations due to the costs associated with them. In order to make the software available for leading and small business organizations, livetecs has introduced the TimeLive application. The application does not require any technical and implemental support increasing the productivity and efficiency of employees. The application is a perfect suite integrated with the QuickBooks software; leading a software for bookkeeping services.

User-Friendly & Interactive Interfaces

The environment of the application is interactive and does not require the study of technical aspects as it revolves around the domain of business planning and management so one aware of them can use it conveniently. The designing of the application is purely done keeping in view the demands and functions required to the employees and managers. Some specific privileges are assigned to employees and they can access only the projects and tasks that are assigned to them while the managers are assigned some more authorities for the employee management and analyzing the milestones of projects. Administrator has the right to access the entire information in the organization and can define the specific rules and criteria for the organization.

online applicationNo Hardware for Timesheet Application

The business organizations do not require the hardware support for the application is online reducing the amount required for the installation and maintenance of hardware components. The servers and storage locations are not needed as the information and data are stored in a centralized location which can be accessed from all over the world. The data is stored in the cloud and every employee is presented with the latest data. Business organizations can install the application for premises and it also does not require hi-tech hardware instead of the SQL database and the files are stored in the system for proper functionality of the application.

Enhancing Features for TimeLive

The cloud software application can enhance the features for recording and calculating the expenses and time needed for the project completion and delivery. There are up to date methods for the calculation of taxes for the expenses incurred according to the criteria specified by the regional or country government, The time off for the employees can be entered enabling the managers to transfer the work to other employee in their absence increasing the productivity of the companies. Client billing is also another feature for TimeLive which could help the managers to create the customer’s invoice without any manual procedure only by pressing some buttons online. The reports can also be created for the organization.

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