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TimeLive Customizable Source Code

timesheet softwareTimesheet software requires prolonged improvement and there is always a need for betterment in it. Some software engineers are looking for a customized version of the Timesheet software used for the management of the jobs and employees. It is very difficult to code the entire software as per the requirements of specific developers in order to make it perfect for personal utilization. To overcome this hectic overhead, the codes for the TimeLive are available at A developer can make the changes to the required extent and can use it according to the need.

Ownership License

Different kinds of license according to the need of the developers are provided in which one can modify the codes and the new software can be sold further to other clients or customers. In the source code, the complete solution of the software is available so that the modification in any part of TimeLive can be accommodated. The rights after purchasing the source codes also include the selling of the source codes to other developers who require it. The reselling after the ownership of the software is allowed to the name of the company bought and modified TimeLive.

codingLicense under Rebranding

If a developer bought the source code of TimeLive, he/she can modify it as required and can further sell to the customers of the company with the restriction of selling online as a competing brand. This license is named as rebranding right or reseller right. The name of the source LiveTecs can be changed to the organization who personalized TimeLive for them. In this license, the buyer has not the right of selling the codes to any further client. In this license the software of TimeLive by LiveTecs is only licensed purely, but not sold to other developers the buyer can therefore, modify the code in a way to change the looks and feel of the software open source.

Backbone of TimeLive

The backend coding of the web-based application is designed on the and Microsoft Ajax 1.0 and Microsoft Visual basic all under the third party support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010’s express edition. In order to store the information for managing the jobs and projects according to the employees the database of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is used. For customizing the reports generated by the TimeLive report generating libraries are being called and the report designer is available in the source code pack. Moreover, in the package there is the Visio representation of the database designed in TimeLive.

Layered Approach

Basically, TimeLive consists of three layers architecture namely presentation, business and data layers. In the presentation layer, the user interface and windows controls are available for manipulating the information for businesses. In the business layer, the data taken from the presentation layer is implemented and processed. The data layer of TimeLive is responsible for the storage and retrieval of the data from the database and sending to the upper layers.

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