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TimeLive Making Project Management Simple


TimeLive Making Project Management Simple

Completing a project is not a one-man-task certainly; it needs a proper team of competent members to get done with a range of responsibilities and pool resources to figure an absolute and complete solution. Project management of all kind, whether it’s related financial world, architectural and software, is a tiresome responsibility that requires regular harmonization and more investment of time and money to achieve win win situation. Constant coordination sometimes becomes impossible but Timelive makes it all possible and makes the management of project in the hands of the project manager and simply managing various aspects of the projects.



Budget Management and Increased Performance

Timelive has made the process of updating the current status of the job or project as per the clients’ details and requirements so easy and hectic-free. Once the project manager makes any changes to it, the whole team will be notified about it automatically. Timelive helps the project manager manage budget and make devise methods to limit it to the allocated budget. The project manager can evaluate the employees timesheet and keep an on each team members performance by using the Cross Project Timesheet and can direct amplify the competence of the team at a time.

Learning of Software in Minutes

The internet is full of so many Timesheet software that exhaust the users and help nothing. To make it work it is very important to employ additional technological support to make it easy to use and comprehensible. Timelive has made all this process so easy and trouble-free for each individual that it does not require extra investment. The use of Timelive’s Timesheet has made all such chaotic tasks so easy and effortless.

Expense Management

By using Timelive, one can compare the require budget and time to the cost of the project and can manage the excess cost as well. For employees ease of access Timelive records all the expense tracking that incurs during the project completion. Timelive helps dividing budget easily in a graphical representation among the relevant employees with all the details on time and activities. The use of Timelive facilitates detecting risk factors in a project and managing them effectively.



Removal of Extra Activities

Timelive through its electronic approach has made all such processes so easy and secure that is no more need of paper work and fear of losing any significant datas and figures. Timelive also offers a cancellation option in case an employee mistakenly submits a wrong or inappropriate file. By using Timelive, you can easily add up notes and comments on the end of the Timesheet for any employee or project to make all the process easier and comprehensible.

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