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TimeLive Making Project Management Simple

Project ManagementProjects require more than one member to accomplish various tasks which collaborate to form a complete solution. These projects need extra investment of time and money to fulfill the goal and achieve the targets. All kinds of financial, architectural and software project management are a technical and tedious chore. Coordination with employees and team members, time to time is not possible due to various reasons. TimeLive makes the management of projects in the hands of the project manager. It is very easy to manage various aspects of the project using TimeLive. A lot of time can be saved the application.

Budget Management and Increased Performance

A project manager can update the current status of the job or project according to the deals with the client and requirements using the TimeLive. Everyone in the job is notified about the happenings in the project. The manager can manage the budget and can devise methods to limit it to the allocated budget. The timesheet of the employees working on more than one project can be viewed using the Cross Project Timesheet. This can help in keeping in view the performance of the team on different jobs and projects assigned to them. The project manager can then increase the efficiency of the team on the projects.

Easy Learning ProcessLearning of Software in Minutes

There is a large number of Timesheet software making the user feel exhausted while utilizing it. The software requires extra technical support for understanding the difficult methods to make use of it. The company or the official using the software invest money in becoming aware of ‘How to use it’. TimeLive is ready to use and easy to understand by each and every individual and the employees can be trained without any extra investment. It is really convenient and economical to use Timesheet of TimeLive.

Expense Management

The budget and time can be compared to the cost of the project and the excess cost can be managed by TimeLive. All the expense tracking incurred during the project accomplishment are recorded and every employee working in the team can have a look at them. The employees can then, propose ways to minimize them. The budget can be easily divided among the employees relevant to the job in the form of a graphical representation and the time and activities are also shown. Using this, the projects in which there is a risk of loss and more profit, can be detected and managed effectively.

Removal of Extra Activities

Timesheet, in an electronic way, reduces a lot of paperwork and in the long run the time can be saved. Only some of the buttons give a vast control to the managing and updating of the TimeLive Timesheet. Moreover, if an employee thinks that the submitted timesheet is not correct and want to cancel it then it is also offered by the TimeLive. Notes can also be added at the end of the Timesheet for any employee or project with some button clicks easily.

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