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TimeLive Mobile App – anywhere and anytime

Easy use of TimeLiveWith the advancement of technology and increase in the use of featured mobile phones everyone is looking for ways they can bring the business in their hands. Many of the tasks were performed but building the timesheet for the projects was very difficult. If one is unable to complete the job in the official hours then the maintenance of the extra hours worked outside the office hours was not possible. TimeLive introduced Timesheet mobile application to overcome the problem and to give the freedom of managing the timesheet wherever an employee is with the help of their phone.

Time tracking using TimeLive

Wherever one is, Timesheet gives the opportunity to track the time against the projects and clients. The updates in the records are circulated in the complete circle of the team involved in the project and notification through the e-mail is also sent. Before TimeLive, it was very difficult to coordinate with other members of the project and a rapid change was witnessed with the introduction of the application. Connecting with the team members using the TimeLive mobile is very easy, interesting and rapid. Now the timesheet can be updated and managed anywhere by using the mobile application.

Adding Expenses for Jobs – In Minutesjobs done by TimeLive

TimeLive is an amazing time management application available for mobile allowing the feature of managing the expenses against the project for the hours worked. The updated time can be submitted by the employees for approvals and the approved expenses can also be viewed through the mobile application. The staff working in the field can now enter the time for the job that has been assigned to them while working, with the help of TimeLive. The expenses for all the jobs assigned to the employees can be updated and their approvals can be made with this helpful application by

Update the Data Everywhere

The application requires downloading, once done it is connected with the account, and any changing in the entries and records are automatically updated on the account. Then from whichever device the employee login, the updated information is there and no further updating is needed. In order to check whether the current status is connected or not an option is available.

Keep Information Secured

Ordered arrangement of time and expenses against relevant project and client is entered so that found systematically. TimeLive mobile has a proper login system secured from the intruders to keep the information of the users safe and secure. Prior to the application the timesheet was never so easy to manage.

Application on Stores

Timesheet by TimeLive is available on the Android and iPhone app stores for downloading and making ready to use on the mobile. It is compatible with the iOS 7 and earlier versions but is optimal for iPhone 5. Get the handy application from the store for the device you own and get to work from anywhere you are and whenever you like. Working was never so easy before.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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