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TimeLive– Other useful features

timesheetTimeLive business software facilitates you with many other useful features and offers you various other options.

Feature of custom fields

TimeLive software provides you the facility to create your required fields anywhere in the world. These fields may include projects, tasks, employees, time sheets, reports. Lists, numbers, and characters may also be included.


customizable security optionSecurity

LiveTecs software provides you the facility of customizable security options. These security options allow the administrators to restrict or grant the permissions which are based on the role of the users or employees.


The feature of customized reports allows the users to create custom reports. The custom reports will have formula field option, summarized and grouping option and head footer options. There are different detailed/summarized reports which are filtered. You have the facility to make new reports. The reports which are already created can be customized too. You can keep check of these reports and can make changes in them without any effort.


There is a feature of a customizable dashboard in this software. This dashboard allows every user to customize the graphs. The data and graphs to be displayed can be customized by the users while they are logins.

Management of projects

One of the features of LiveTecs software is Gantt chart. This powerful and interactive Gantt chart makes planning of your projects and manages them easier than ever before. The feature of online project management has increased the efficiency of a business. If you want to assign a task to the employees then online project management task allows you to quickly see that which team members are available. You can now easily assign the task to the available team members according to the scheduled work of the employees and their job role.

Availability of major languages

LiveTecs software is multi- language software. It is available in every major language. Anyone can start this software easily. It also has the feature to translate data in the desired languages.

Facility of data exchange

TimeLive has the import/export feature. This feature allows the users to import or export data. Data is imported and exported via CSV files.


TimeLive provides you the facility of e-mail templates. These templates are customizable so that you can keep the language of the reminders and notifications of your own choice.

Active directory integration

The feature of active directory integration provides authentication to the users. It authenticates the users from Active Directory Server. This feature features of TimeLive assures you that you have licensed and reliable software which is not pirated.

Audit Trial

Audio trial keeps the record of all the changes that the users make in time sheets. These changes are kept by the software along with the approval status.


In LiveTecs, software users have the facility to change the captions of applications as per their own standards. For example, if you want that a task should be named as “Jobs” everywhere then you can do this by setting up terminology.

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