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Timesheet Application for Business Industry


This computerized age has lessened the need of paper work and reduced the hassle of their organization. Everything is done on the computers using various time and expense tracking applications especially in the leading organizations where they have to deal on a larger scale with larger amounts. Timelive software by Livetecs is acclaimed as the best time & expense tracking application for all type of organizations regardless of their size and magnitude. This user-friendly application includes QuickBooks software and works efficiently to increase overall business productivity and output.

User-Friendly & Interactive Interfaces

Anyone who has knowledge of business planning and management will find Timelive completely user-friendly and interactive software. The features it has are all designed on purpose to help organizations smoothly handle daily tasks and achieve their profit goals. Employees are assigned with limited privileges and can only access tasks assigned to them whereas managers have more authorities, power and access to all employees’ performance and activities. The most powerful among all is the administrator who defines laws and rules and has right to access all the information and projects running under the company.

No Hardware for Timesheet Application

Leading organizations do not prefer hardware support as it requires proper time to time maintenance and makes installation process longer. Timelive software does not require any servers to store data which in here is saved in the cloud making it accessible worldwide. It is also available on-premises without any special hi-tech hardware.


Enhancing Features for TimeLive

Timelive cloud version enhances features support and speed up the time and expense calculating process. The software is supported by modern methods for tax and expenses calculation. It includes features for employees’ time-off requests submitted directly to the managers for their approval or refutation. This system keeps manager aware of each employee’s attendance enabling him transfer the work of someone not in attendance to another employee present in the company. Another helpful feature of the application is client billing that eliminates the pain of manual entries and generates invoices in a few clicks. The quick reports generating feature is cherry on the cake.

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