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Tracking Cost and Expenditure Online Using TimeLive


The ever most important responsibility on project manager’s shoulder is to keep a proper tack of time over-&-done and expenses incurred on a project assigned to him. An effective tool to manage this is not less than a blessing in disguise for him. Within Timelive dashboard, the two tabs i.e. “MY Expense Sheets” & “My Timesheet” enables project manager to keep an apt track of these two segments effortlessly. The tabs further give options for copying, printing, importing, exporting or even saving or submitting any timesheet for future references.

Recording Time Worked on Projects

Project manager can easily evaluate the total time consumed on any project by clicking on the “My Timesheet” icon on the dashboard. Options available on the top area let project manger set timesheets parameters for each employee, view them and submit them for further approval, whereas the bottom section presents options to tailor the top area. Using the icon “Day View” a project manager can define each employee’s role and responsibility and time available for projects allotted to them. Project Manager can view any employee’s recent or old timesheets together at once by simply clicking the “Timesheet Period” icon. Time consumed by each project can recorded in real time using the “Start Timer” icon in the top section. Within this section the project manager can easily manage the selection of customers and projects with an ability to start and pause or continue timer.

Managing the Expense Sheet Online

In Timelive, expense management is just a click away from “My Expense Sheets”. Within this tab, project manager can easily get his hands on any expense sheet needed on the top of it while at the bottom he can edit or update any timesheet. Using the Audit button on the top any errors or mistakes in the timesheets can be fixed. All timesheets can be found on the top and if there’s any need to edit or update any parameters set, the options are available at the bottom of the page within.



Approvals of Time and Expense Sheets Daily

Project manager or any other who has the power to approve or decline any timesheet, expense sheet or time off request, can do so by clicking on the “Manage Approval” tab at the bottom of the dashboard.

The option to search for any employee’s timesheet is available at the top of “Timesheet Approval” while the bottom has timesheets to approve, decline and add comments if needed. The “Expense Approval” too page has the same features and functionalities.
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