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Using TimeLive Project & Expense Management

The use of time management is considered successful when it lets the managers and supervisors manage time and expenses incurred on various projects that come in. Managing time of the employees is one aspect, but special projects that require a team of experts and their management with regards to the budget is another ballgame altogether.

TimeLive by Livetecs offers a feature that lets you leverage the entire software to its maximum by providing the project time and expense report feature that efficiently cuts down lengthy procedures and maintains accuracy in the process.

The feature is elementary to use and requires no additional installments. The table for each task and employee is laid out in an easy to understand format with an option to add notes to an ongoing project regarding changes in the QuickBooks. This option is ideal for projects that require something extra to give it that oomph.

The toolbar at the top gives the users the option to download timesheets to track the progress of a project. Furthermore, there is also the reject option that allows you to decline a task that has been submitted after review when it doesn’t match the company standards.

With the budget control option, one can set limits to the costs of a project. Each entry will be calculated and won’t let you cross the allotted limited, permanently keeping one on track.

There is also an option for cross-project timesheet that helps in efficiently managing the time of the employees. TimeLive automatically generates statistics for you, relieving you off the daunting task so that the energy is focused elsewhere.

With the Gantt chart, the software lets one allocate resources as per project needs while simultaneously evaluating team performance.

The TimeLive feature for project time and expense management boasts of simplicity, there are no hidden charges for it and can be managed by managers without additional training. To make lives more comfortable, TimeLive also offers customer service twenty-four hours through email or online chat where a representative is always present to help one sort out any queries.

This feature makes lives more manageable for everyone within an organization for the solutions offered by Livetecs’ TimeLive are one of a kind. The ease of use cannot be stressed enough, as all options are laid out in plain view, with opportunities to access the timesheets from anywhere in the world.

Therefore, with the TimeLive feature for project time and expense management, the efficiency of work is undoubtedly guaranteed as the workplace will inevitably become hassle-free when discrepancies are pointed out promptly.


Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. He is deeply interested in areas like time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through his writing, he aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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