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Utilizing Time and Efficient Manner

timesheet softwareTime is the most important asset of life as well as in the organization so it is managed in such a way to meet the projects with the quality in the deadline specified by the customer in order to become successful in business planning. The controlling and maintenance of the resources in the company could be time-consuming and tiring in some case which could be made easy with the help of the timesheet software. TimeLive application introduced by Livetecs have variety of features that makes it best choice for the business managers and employees to record their daily expenses and time in the company’s records to make the company able to view performance and contribution from each person associated with it.

Budgets Management within the Organization

Using the TimeLive software, the introduction of the company in the market would be considered as modern and according to the latest trends in the software industry. The businesses can make rapid progress in the field of employee management and time for the employees. With this approach, the organization does not need large number of employee hiring but with the effective management of smaller teams huge business can be made.The budget for the organization can thus be converted into the profit by lowering the employees and smaller teams can make the large profit increasing the overall outcome of the organization. Pays for the employees can be increased so their living can be improved and hence the motivation of the employees can be increased.

email notification featureManagement of Approvals for Employees

Time tracking and expense recording for the projects is done at a rapid speed and the team can be automated using the application from any desired place and convenient time. Whenever the expense sheets and timesheets are pending for the approvals from the managers then the related person is notified using the email notification feature. Approvals for the various documents could speed up using the attractive features of the TimeLive application. Moreover, the employees if do not submit their timesheets at the end of the specific time interval then they are also reminded using the notification features.

Customized Approvals & Secure Privileged Access for Users

Approvals are also customized in different organizations according to their specified policies and also for some specific projects based on their demands. Some organizations allow the managers’ approvals for different timesheets, expense sheets and time offs while others apply a barrier between the manager’s approvals like team lead approval and after the approval the document is then sent to other authorities. Employee privileges are assigned according to their roles and permissions so they can use the features which are accessible. In this way, the application is kept secured from unauthenticated changes of records. Employees, therefore, can’t manage the approvals as they are not given the required rights.

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