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Various Job Profiles in TimeLive

TimeLive appAn organization has many employees having different roles to perform the jobs and complete the projects. Various tasks are assigned to the employees depending on their availability or capabilities. With the responsibilities higher or lower roles are assigned to them, some perform the administrative jobs, others have managerial roles and the remaining are the employees performing the major tasks. According to the requirements of the roles, appropriate profiles for the users of the application of TimeLive are available for the teams.

Administrator Role for TimeLive

The software application offered by LiveTecs, TimeLive has also different profiles for the admin, managerial and employee level users. The administrator profile gives the rights to have a look at all the activities going on in the system and the updates in the system are notified to them so that they may become aware of all the happenings of the organizational tasks and projects. The administrator has the authority to add new projects and jobs in the system and then assigning the roles of further employees for the management of the jobs or projects. Using this role the timesheet of all the projects are received by the admin.

record of wmployee working timeManagerial Role of User

TimeLive also allows the access at the managerial level to manage the duties and jobs assigned to the employees working in the organization for different projects. The manager can keep an eye on the workings and the availability of the employee using the TimeLive in minutes. The manager profile account allows the generation of employee and the approval of the timesheet and expense sheet if the admin has given the authority. Many different reports can be generated from absentee report, attendance report, timesheet report and expense sheet reports of the employees and contractors.

Employee/Contractor Role

At the bottom level working team, the employees and contractors are also given the specific roles for coordinating with the higher level authorities. TimeLive gives them the opportunity to track the time they worked on all the projects being done by the employee. Along with the time, the billing of the employees is also managed effectively using the application of LiveTecs. The expense sheet can be submitted to the managers or supervisors for the approval and after the approval the employee is paid as per the billings. TimeLive has brought a marvelous change in the management field of offices and organizations.

Demo Version

LiveTecs offers the demo version for free from all the discussed roles of the organization by making the people utilize TimeLive. The user is given the access as per the requirement of the role while enjoying the demo version. This version helps in the learning of the roles in the TimeLive which makes the understanding of the software prior to the installation or buying of the software. The features and functions of the software in the demo version are the same as in the on-demand access but are limited and are visible to all other viewers.

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