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Ways to optimize your on demand work force

Livetecs - Optimize on demand work forceThe way people work is changing, gone are the days or those days are almost gone when people, companies, and industries hired people to just pay them for sitting about idle at their desk. The on-demand economy is not just goods and services anymore, people want to hire workers on-demand as well as it suits them according to when, where and whom.

When speaking of an on-demand workforce, one is basically referring to freelancers or contract workers. The trend of such a force is definitely on the rise as stated by the Intuit and Emergent Research forecast that by 2020 the on-demand workforce the in the USA alone is to rise from 3.2 million to 7.6 million.

Although, there are plenty of benefits when it comes to working with freelancers there are also drawbacks to them. Some of the problems identified when it comes to freelancers include: Poor work performance, and ineffective communication.

The question that arises is how can one get the most out of their freelancers and ensure that neither quality or quantity is compromised. We have put together a few pointers to solve these issues.

Solution: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Communication is key when it comes to having an efficient and the best workforce, communicate earlier on with the freelancer on what you expect, tell them all the guidelines, provide all the resources necessary especially your time, etc. Always remember the poor communication can lead to poor performance!

When the Performance is Less Than Par

If a freelancer or a contract worker is not performing well or up to certain standards as set by you, the best option is to be direct and honest with the person concerned. Walking on eggshells is not an option and also neither micromanaging the worker. Do find out if there are external factors at hand to the less than par performance, as it may be in some of the cases other than the the inability of the contract worker to take work seriously. Strike a balance between yourself and the freelancer where you are not spoon feeding them but are also not totally dictating how they manage their work.

Poor performance can be avoided by hiring the contract workers short-term rather than on long and exhaustive contracts that could lead to them becoming a bit laid back. Keeping them on the toes could be beneficial, as they would be looking to renew their contract. Incentives on a good performance are also a huge motivation for a better performance.

Make Proper Arrangements For Communication

Work out all the details with the contract worker on how, when and where to get in touch. Let them know of what communication mediums you prefer and when you expect the work. Do keep checking in on them, but keep in mind that they may have other clients too as most freelancers mostly do.

Do not just rely on electronic communication such as email etc but also be in touch through phone and in person if possible.

The freelancing team can be at times similar to what an on-desk team is when is comes to management. But keep in mind that they are easier to let go and hire as compared to the latter so if despite your best efforts you are still not satisfied with them terminating them is more easier.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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