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What Are The Benefits of Employee Monitoring

People might be hesitant about using employee monitoring software. It can make them feel anxious, but if used appropriately, an entire organization and the employees can primarily benefit from it.

Increased productivity

According to statistics, “64% of employees say they visit non-work related websites every day on the job.  Of these people, 39% spent one hour or less, 29% spend 2 hours, 21% spend 5 hours, and 3% spend 10 hours or more… per day.”

Employee monitoring software helps to understand how people work. Employees can track their work and see how much time they spend on all tasks. It’s a fantastic way to see and realize how much time they waste every day on activities not related to work in any way. The reports can help in eliminating unproductive activities and get more things done.

Monitoring in the real-time

When operating a large team or remote employees, it’s necessary to have real-time employee monitoring software to have insight into their work. After all, you’re not paying them for watching movies or surfing the net. With good software, you can quickly analyze everyone’s activity, even those employees who work in the office.

It’ll also give them the feeling that their work is observed on a regular basis and will impose discipline. This will lead to higher efficiency and better results.


Once you start using real-time monitoring software, you will begin receiving accurate and detailed descriptions.

First of all, they will serve as proof of your employees’ work. Secondly, they can be a source of invaluable information about the progress of jobs, budget, resources, or the workforce. Moreover, if you work for the government, you will need reports for possible audits.


If you choose the right software, it will automatically monitor your employees. TimeLive offers a desktop app that automatically and quietly follows employees and records their activities in the background, like a little ghost. Your team can peacefully do their tasks and focus on work.

Additionally, activities tracked are presented in the form of timesheets, so your team doesn’t have to spend time filling them and wondering how much time they spent on each task.


The great benefit of using employee monitoring software is its ability to integrate with other tools and apps. It helps to organize better, manage, and watch the progress of works.

How Much Is Employee Monitoring Too Much?

According to a survey performed by the American Management Association (AMA) “75% of those surveyed already monitor employee Web site surfing. A majority of this group is also using content proxy systems to block inappropriate surfing. More than 50% review and retain emails, while approximately 30% track keystrokes. And more than 80% of these employers surveyed disclose their monitoring policies and practices to their employees.”

Employee monitoring is already a common thing, and it becomes more and more normal. For many organizations, it is mandatory, especially if they’re government contractors. So what about legal aspects?

American federal law does not forbid employee monitoring. However, every state has different regulations. In general, you can monitor your employees but to a certain limit. And here’s what you should do to do it properly:

  • Familiarize yourself and your organization with the law not to break it.
  • Inform your employees about monitoring. Tell them what are the regulations and always be available to them whenever they have doubts or questions.
  • Use the right tools. Some are more sophisticated than others and may not meet your expectations.
  • Never monitor personal items of your employees like their laptops, phones, etc.

Final Thoughts

If approached in the right way, employee monitoring can bring many benefits to any organization and its employees. The important thing is to talk to all people in the organizational structure and inform them about the privacy law. Everyone should know what to expect and what are their rights.

Don’t forget about choosing the right software. The good thing is that most of the time tracking tools enable easy and convenient employee monitoring. Both you and your employees can use it for the benefit.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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