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What is TimeLive Time Tracking software?

time tracking softwareTimeLive is a time tracking software facilitates the management of working time of organization employees and helps an organization to monitor their work productivity. It is actually an application provided on web, android phone, and iPhone. It is an easy working tool for all the employees of the organization.

Attractive Features

It includes variety of tracking features like Time tracking, Expense tracking, Time off tracking, Time billing and invoicing, Project management, Project time and expense, Commercial open source, Online cloud-based, On-premises/locally installed, QuickBooks installation, TimeLive mobile application, TimeLive web services/API and many more.

mobile appWhat TimeLive Features actually do?

The dashboard consists of Project status, Task status in which progress of working is graphed that how many projects are completed, how many are in progress, on hold projects statuses. To keep track of project status (started, on hold, submitted) with project name and count is stored is graphed in Task summary. Project list consists of the project lists with description and status. Task list allows you to maintain complete record of project name, id, project code (assigned by the employee), assigned by, assigned to, due date (the date to which the project is to be submitted, status also have the Priority feature specifying the priority of your task whether you want it to be done on urgent basis, Milestone is pre-defined phases achievements elaborating what you are going to achieve in a specific phase. My time sheet feature is holding current timesheet time period is specified, in which you specify time entry date, total time sheet in which the task is done, timesheet status tells description that whether the specific project is submitted or in progress. In Time entry week view the name of your project, daily basis project task time duration are stored, Time off is the employee off day may be due to sick leave or week holiday, project description option is describing your project you save it or submit for the approval. You can copy current time sheet, copy activities, you can print time sheet. You are also able to export timesheet or if you created any offline timesheet than you can import it. You can also timesheet from any date using Copy From option. Status legend is the project current status. Different colors shows different notations yellow is for Not submitted, green color shows the Approval, blue indicates submitted, and Red is for Rejected. My Expense Sheet lists comprise majorly on expenses list of the projects. Get all the description about employee expenses by selecting employee name. You can select submitted, non-submitted approved category which contain details of the name of your project, description regarding project, an amount of expenses required and conducted and status showing the submission of the project. You can restrict the search by selecting start and end date. Expense sheets can be deleted and can be edited. The amount is entered that how much money is spent over it. In the expense entry id, name amount are stored and a required file is attached and then upload the selected file and submit it. New expense sheet can be added with id, date, project name, expense description, amount and then add it or either print it.

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