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Why Good Leadership Improves Employee Time Management

Employee time management skills have a direct influence on business upshots, and so good leaders should put more importance on helping workers improve at it. Some people master time management skills early in their lives; which they can carry on at work to be prolific. For others to manage their time efficiently, they require external motivation, maybe some coaching, a favorable environment, and the application of organizational tools. Great leadership can be the means of productivity for workers that lack internal motivation. With help, these workers can learn to manage their time more efficiently and start to excel at work.

Source of Motivation

Leaders can either motivate or discourage their workers. When leaders exhibit qualities such as enthusiasm and uprightness, it often rubs off on their team. When leaders nurture the strengths of each worker through task assignments, they provide these individuals with a sense of purpose.

Understanding workers in person will help you motivate them better. As a leader, you can begin opportunities to get to know your team better. Take your workers out for lunch, for instance, and talk to them about their experiences at work — setup team building activities and see where your employees gleam. With the right motivation, workers manage time more effectively and their productivity boosts. Make it a priority to get to know what drives your employees.

Motivation is different for people of varying age groups. Today’s leaders should also keep this in mind that what keeps their younger workers motivated. Industry Week marked that millennials make up a considerable portion of the workforce of the company; hence, leaders must ponder on what brings out the best in them.

Productivity Tools

Technology is changing business processes across the world. However, to desegregate business processes with technology efficiently, Maryville University implies that organizations require professionals who can bring about innovation in the workplace. This is because the call for new methodologies and systems to streamline processes has never been more clear.

Serial entrepreneur Deep Patel insists managers can help increase productivity by investing in organizational tools that promote healthy work time management. Of course, applying new technology is evermore easier said than done. Business leaders should first review what in the workplace requires improving, and then evaluate what kind of technology would be relevant. In deciding tech-driven solutions, consider your preferences. Not only is it essential to look for cost-effective and functional technology, but leaders must also check user compatibility as well.

Through management policies, leaders can devise a healthy environment where workers practice constant conversation. Effective internal communication through programs such as Slack and Workplace powered by Facebook can also benefit workers better manage time. These tools help team members to talk privately or in groups, allowing them to work collaboratively towards a mutual goal.

Trello Board is another tool where workers can easily save and retrieve data. Think of it as a virtual bulletin board that represents all your jobs and bookmarked web pages all at once.

By recognizing these technologies, leaders are telling their workers how serious they are about getting business success.

Work-Life Balance

Influential leaders know the importance of work-life balance and how it can enhance employee time management. That, in turn, boosts employee performance. They can help promote this by implementing specific policies. For example, workers may be asked to take short breaks every two hours to stop burn out and keep workers concentrated. Corporations may also provide incentives to workers who hit the gym or pursue other hobbies.

Netflix is an example of a business that has a different approach to work-life balance. It is recognized for its unlimited vacation policy, where workers can take as much time off as they need. This is because the company is more interested in high results. If Netflix workers need a certain amount of days to rest, the company grants them that, as long as they get their work done. The belief behind this policy is that taking vacations can help keep the mind revived, and workers who feel rested often perform better at work.

However, their policy may not be attainable in other companies. Before forming solutions to discuss work-life balance, HR professionals should interview their workers about what they wish. If the majority wants less overtime work, conceivably managers can re-evaluate the division of work among workers or hire a new team to help carry the load. The organization can also invest in training programs so that workers can handle their time more efficiently.


Time management is a multi-faceted problem that grows in complexity within some industries and business types. Often, the optimal achievement is out of the employee’s hands and management must execute specific changes to produce results.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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