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Transparency Is Crucial For Modern Project Management

A well-crafted checklist, ample amounts of coffee, and a well-organized project manager are the foundations of every successful project. Project managers who are captivating are the cornerstone of any project and complete projects on time with good outcomes. While professional project managers receive comprehensive project management training, the majority of us manage projects as part of our day-to-day work. While the rest are only the managers by title. So, what sets project managers apart from the rest is transparency.


Project management is coordinating a company’s resources, finances, people, and intellectual property to complete a specific assignment. They also encompass the planning, execution, estimation, and completion of a project.

Project managers, regardless of job, do comparable activities, such as describing the project’s goals, distributing tasks to other team members. They also determine when to expect various components of a project.


Companies may use project management to anticipate and minimize risks, effectively control expenses, and provide high-quality results.

According to a survey of 213 senior executives and project managers which the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) conducted, 90 percent of respondents said project management is either crucial (47 percent) or rather significant (43 percent) to their ability to deliver efficient outcomes.

According to the EIU analysis, companies that follow precise project management practices, such as a complete appraisal of scope and budget, continuing risk management, and evaluation of project results, are more likely to reach and exceed their objectives.

In most cases, the project management lifecycle is divided into five stages:

Identification: is the process of determining the project’s aims and objectives.

Initiation: defining project deliverables, identifying key stakeholders, and determining the necessary resources.

Scheduling: defining project timelines and assigning responsibilities.

Execution and delivery: complete the task and present the project.

Conclusion and closure: evaluate project accomplishments and setbacks, and observe the experiences for the future

The following are our top three project management expertise.

While there are a plethora of qualities that link good project managers, there are a particular that stand out:

Time management skills

To begin, excellent time management skills are necessary. To complete a project on time, a project manager must be able to precisely anticipate how long tasks will take to complete and prioritize work accordingly.

Technical skills

There are many different types of technical abilities, and each project has its own set of technical requirements. However, the greater a project manager’s understanding of the technical requirements to accomplish the project, the more precise the manager will be in handling the project’s tasks, timelines, and expectations.

Communication skills

Third, a project manager must have excellent communication skills in order to successfully communicate what you expect from each team member.

Now, there is one quality that genuinely distinguishes exceptional project managers: transparency

Transparency is defined as “the degree to which information flows freely within a business, among managers and employees, and outward to stakeholders,” according to the Harvard Business Review. Transparency is defined as making all information like numbers, roadmaps, plans, issues, and concerns, readily accessible to everyone on your team.

If companies and team members don’t have access to up-to-date news and data, they won’t be able to communicate to various stakeholders’ and colleagues’ ever-changing demands. therefore, they are unable to function effectively or grow.


Because they have access to all the important information, they can be more adaptable, operate autonomously, accomplish greater results. In this way. they can achieve their goals faster.

When everyone has access to the same information, teammates can see the big picture and see how their work and contributions affect the bottom line. People recognize the importance of their tasks. They also recognize that they may pivot and adjust as needed. Have they delayed the deadline for an assignment? Is it possible that a team member finished a sub-item? All team members are immediately notified, allowing for the avoidance of redundancy.


Open communication ways with all workers are good both for the team members and the team leader himself.

When you restrict employees’ access to information, managers tend to disclose only the information they need to complete their tasks. As the manager, you’re the only one who can determine whether or not the work they accomplished had an impact. It is always your responsibility to communicate knowledge and change the course of action for the rest of the team. Apart from impeding the effectiveness of others, it is often tiring.

Therefore, allowing access to all the data helps the worker to assess their work progress. Hence keeping them enough motivated to get through the tasks on time. This way of managing projects and the team is way easier and more productive. And of course, less exhausting than providing little information on the table for the staff and keeping yourself responsible for delivering every bit of it to them.

Despite the numerous benefits of organizational transparency, many leaders continue to reject the culture of transparency. This is because they regard information as a source of power that they do not want to give up or share. As a result, it is the project manager’s responsibility to ensure that their teams have access to methods that promote transparency and accessibility.


As project managers, the methodology you choose can always be made more transparent.

Waterfall project management: Being open and straightforward with all those involved is critical when using the waterfall project management technique. The reason is, this project management style requires the project plan to be developed upfront and contains the complete scope of the project.

Kanban project management: Kanban can be useful if you’re searching for a simple and transparent way to manage your work. The Kanban board is divided into numerous columns that represent phases in your workflow. It functions as a more imaginative assembly line that allows teams to visually examine inefficiencies. Kanban methodology is even more beneficial by making it transparent.

Agile project management is more than just a methodology. It is indeed a system of belief, one that values transparency and accessibility. The agile technique recognizes that uncertainty is unavoidable. It empowers teams to be extremely adaptable, complete their work quickly, and adjust to change without delay.


You should also use the following methods to enhance transparency among your colleagues:

Make an effort to understand each team member’s innate strengths and shortcomings so that work can be distributed appropriately. To stay organized and on schedule, use project management software.

Assuring that all lines of communication between team members are always open to respond to problems rapidly and efficiently.

Each team member should have access to all current statistics. Set up regular communication sessions or meetings with staff at all levels.


Effective project management relies largely on managing professional relationships and opposing work processes rather than complex planning procedures. With a bunch of coworkers, an extensive list of chores to perform, and a muddle of deadlines, keeping everything organized in an easy visual approach may make things a whole lot easier and more freely available to all.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. He is deeply interested in areas like time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through his writing, he aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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