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Creative Project Management Software by Livetecs

Expecting ace results and aligned workflow? Livetecs’ creative project management software is here to help you.

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Smoothen your project workflows with our creative project management software

Welcome to Livetecs, a unified web-based creative project management software that is especially curated to align your project workflows, manage finances effectively, and keep your teams focused towards achieving your company goals. With us project management is no more a hassle. It allows you to focus on yielding ace results without the stressful training programs.

Effectual Project Budgeting

Our project management software helps you in drafting organized budgets before kicking off any project. By evaluating data and recognizing dubious factors, you can potentially reduce hurdles right from the beginning. Our platform makes sure that your tactical plans align with strategic objectives. It will also help you in breaking down long-term goals into effective short-term targets to keep your teams centrally focused.

Automatic Status Updates

Our best project management software comes into action when the online timesheet is approved by the manager. It automatically updates its status and subsequently ensures real-time visibility and accountability.

Budgetary Control

Take control of project finances with accuracy. Our project management software simplifies budgetary control and permits you to prevent surplus amount of spending. In other words, it tests your management skills.

Efficient Communication

Automated emailing with our project management software effectively reduce communication gaps within and between departments. Keep your team members and managers on the same page with efficiency.

Risk Management

Recognize high-risk projects early on at the start to manage potential pitfalls. Our project management software allows decision-makers to come up and use alternatives effectively. This helps in striking a balance between returns and risks for adequate project results.

Expense Tracking

Our free project management software helps you in allocating resources in an intelligent way, which aids you in monitoring your project expenses closely to avoid overspending. This largely promotes healthy spending habits and project sustainability is markedly increased.

Experience the power of Livetecs’ creative project management software

Now is the time to bid goodbye to cumbersome project management software and jump into the world of efficiency with Livetecs’. Our easy-to-use interface, yoked with novel features, helps you to achieve success across different projects while sufficiently reducing administrative load.

Improves your team's productivity and conveniently manage all your work timelines

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