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About Cubic Consulting

Launched in March of 2004, Cubic Consulting presents expertise in Business Process, Change Management, Enterprise Learning & eLearning Solutions and has lucratively delivered over 250 projects across Australia and Asia Pacific region considering each client’s requirements and expectations. Cubic Consulting owns a big team of professionals who by vigilantly eavesdropping the client’s prerequisites give honest business assessment and lithe approach with resourceful and ingenious way outs to any predicament.

Challenge: handling multiple tasks and supervising all the employees & their performance at a time

Dealing and offering services in the major areas of business, Cubic Consulting has possession of numerous employees and multiple missions to reach. Since the organization is all extended over Sydney, Melbourne, Wellington etc, it became complicated and tricky for the company to oversee all the undergoing projects and contracts and their succession and the well-paid employees’ work contribution in them at one time. To get done with all this advantageously, they decided to take up a new wide-ranging technique that could help them deal with this major aspect at whatever time they desire and replace that with what they had previously been using with narrow options.

One of their managers said “ our expansion had made employee management so difficult that we were unable to identify which one of them was more obliging than the other and how many of them uncooperative. Being a leading company of its type, a solution to this dilemma was our basic need of the time”

The other Chief of the Staff added to this by saying, “to assure that we meet our allocated deadlines of numerous projects we had to have a very accommodating and multiple-way modules operand that could especially help us out with task-sheets and invoices”

Solution: an obliging way out for employee and multiple task management – Timelive

After an all-embracing and far-reaching assessment and appraisal, Cubic Consulting picked up and preferred Livetecs’ Timelive software that besides successfully managing and tracking employees and their performances handles multiple of important tasks as invoices, timesheets and expenses at a time.

One of the higher authorities said, “We since always were so concerned about our reputation and expansion, we never compromised on anything less than excellence. The reason we chose Timelive was its user-friendliness and all-in-one interface. It was available in both on-premises and on-cloud”

We you have so many tasks running under one roof at a time, a proper management of each one of them and employees working and handling them becomes essential and indispensable so one may apply needed resources and reimburse every associated person accordingly and fairly. Timelive seemed the only way out for this.

The result:

“The flawless experience and benefits that we are taking pleasure in because of Timelive are beyond words and descriptions. The utmost benefit of it is that we can manage each employee and access any project and timesheet anywhere and anytime regardless of our locality. The cloud-based interface has made expense and invoice management a cherished cup of tea. Our clients are now more satisfied with our work as we not manage everything ahead of time but the invoices we generate cater their requirements and let them know where the money they spent goes, give them all the details they ought to be aware of. The fact that we are all the time overseeing our employees has made them all more efficient and superior at their job. We never miss a single deadline”

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