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About Curtin & Co

Curtin & Co is engaged in the politics of planning and through their consultative and planning services, many of their clients have achieved great success in getting community support and sparking community interest in their projects. They helped them build links with key local politicians, win hearts of the community, get voter’s bank, connect with key stakeholders and achieve their goals at the planning committee. Many organization’s projects have been successful when their plans were welcomed wholeheartedly by the Parish council and village residents for a development project. Their team comprises of highly talented individuals with deep knowledge of local politics and engagement with local councilors helps their clients put forward their views before committee members and win approvals at 100% success rate.

Challenge: Planning is the main part of their business, so how to do they streamline their business and make sure that the entire team is on the right track?

Curtin&co needed a system which tracked work changes, review time, progress and attendance of employees without moving concentration away from their projects. Each campaign is specially designed for each client, so project types vary with its heart in planning. An effective project management system could align everything and keep the entire team on track.

Solution: Web Based Project management for better communication and expense tracking

TimeLive has a built-in feature specially dedicated to project management and budgeting which helps the organization cut down unnecessary costs and evaluate each employee input regardless of their department. It also helps manages finances, since a budget must be made before the start of any project and critically lay out down all prospective hurdles and difficulties which will be faced during the project. Customizations are always welcome and entertained by the team giving their 100%.


Better project management was possible because TimeLive is web based and has a super responsive customer and software support services.

“The experience was quick and easy, and the TimeLive expert was brilliant and extremely helpful – they showed me step-by-step how to make the changes that I needed.” Thanked the happy client.

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