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Employee Scheduling Software by Livetecs

Easily manage your team’s working shifts and schedules with our free employee scheduling software. Align all operations and increase productivity with our instinctive online scheduling tool.

No credit card is required and you have unlimited time on the Free plan.

Welcome to Livetecs - Your Subsequent Employee Scheduling Software

Without any hassle or worry, manage your team’s shifts, vacations, and schedules with our ultimate employee scheduling software. Bid farewell to the hassle of manual scheduling and say hello to organized operations, increased productivity, and satisfied employees.

Key Features

Effortless Shift Scheduling

Create, edit, and assign shifts in a span of just few clicks. Our user-friendly shift scheduling software makes it easier to organize your team’s schedule with efficiency.

Easy Online Access

Keep an easy track of your schedules from anywhere across the world. Our systematic platform allows the management of your online employee scheduling wherever you are.

Free Employee Scheduling Software

Enjoy the perks of our free employee scheduling software without paying a big, hefty price. We are offering a free plan with premium features to meet the requirements of all kinds of businesses.

Pre-built Templates

Save your precious time by using our pre-built templates. Moreover, you can also craft your own personalized schedules to fit your versatile business needs.

Vacation Management

Keep track of your team’s time off easily. With our vacation scheduling software, you can manage vacation requests, approvals, and availability effortlessly.

Suitable for Staffing Agencies

Our flexible staffing agency scheduling software is perfect for staffing agencies looking to effectively manage different clients and employee timelines.

Why Choose Us


Our software is designed to be customer-friendly, that requires minimum training for your team to get started.


Count on us to provide correct scheduling and reliable performance, assuring that your operations run without any hassle.


Save money without compromising your quality. We offer competitive pricing plans to suit businesses of all kinds.

24/7 Support

Our alert support team is here to assist you whenever you need help, assuring a smooth experience from setup to ongoing support.

Ready to Organize Your Scheduling Process?

Sign up for our employee scheduling software today and take the first step towards smooth employee scheduling. Whether you are a small business or a large staffing agency, we have the tools you need to manage your team’s schedule efficiently.

Improves your team's productivity and conveniently manage all your work timelines

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