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Expense Tracking Software by Livetecs

Get a hold of your stressful finances with our expense tracking software today.

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Cut The Frills of Your Financial Management with our Expense Tracking Software

Welcome to our all-inclusive expense tracking software, formulated to align your financial management matters efficiently. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or own a small business or works for a corporate company, our software provides you a comprehensive set of features that are designed to manage your expense tracking.

Expenses Entry View

Make input of your expenses for particular projects easy with our business expense tracking software. Our software guarantees accurate allocation and tracking of your expenses. Our instinctive interface gives you the leverage to easily record expenses for variety of projects and keeps everything organized and seamlessly accessible.

Customized Approval Path

Our expense tracker software allows you to take control of your approval processes with our customizable approval paths feature. In order to make your workflow for project execution more efficient, you can define level of approvals for various projects and employees with this feature.

Multi Currency

Bid a farewell to currency conversion headaches. With the help of multiple currencies and automatic conversion rates, our expense tracker software handles all your currency conversion once you enter expenses in any currency.

Tax Calculation

Do your tax calculations according to your regional policies without any complication and hassle. Our weekly expense tracker allows customization of tax rates and aids in the application of multiple taxes on a single item. It also ensures compliance and accuracy and makes your financial reporting easy.

Billable / Unbillable

With this feature of our expense tracker software you can make your client billing processes streamlined as well as can easily differentiate billable and unbillable expenses. This feature also simplifies invoicing and revenue tracking for you.

Expense Reimbursement

Our expense tracker software ensures timely and correct reimbursement processing by tracking awaiting expenses reimbursements. It also marks those expenses that already has been reimbursed.

Attached Expense Receipts

Expedite the approval process and maintain transparency in expense management with our project budget tracking software. It provides attached expense receipts and memos for review and approval.

Email Notifications / Reminders

Reminder and notifications will be sent on the scheduled basis to the authorities for their pending approvals regarding certain projects.

Customized Reports

Our expense tracker software generates comprehensive and customized reports with different filters to gain insights into your financial data and make favorable decisions.

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