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About Free the Slaves

Free the Slaves are a non-governmental organization (NGO) that helps those in slavery escape the brutality of bondage.  Their team members are dedicated professionals who have a deep sense of service and have a passion to make a difference. They have managed to alert the world of slavery that still exists and have crafted a global blueprint to eradicate slavery worldwide. They provide trainings, consultations, research, monitoring and evaluations to the masses in order to spread awareness and eradicate such practices. Driven by sheer motivation and passion, they aim to provide services that are not only free of cost but also time efficient.

Challenge: Managing time on projects

In an NGO such as Free the Slaves, time is a very important asset where rescuing a person on the right time can help save their life and managing projects with efficiency leads to greater outcomes. Managing the data collected, keeping track of the projects and the members and their roles in them is vital to the NGO. Free the Slaves face many difficulties such as long duration on projects, human resources task tracking etc.

Solution: TimeLive – Making time management on projects easier

After the implementation of TimeLive in their workspace tracking time, tasks and human resources has become easier. The management and the employees can easily access their Time sheets from anywhere in the world and also helped in monitoring and time tracking of the employees. The management can easily see and remove the discrepancies in their work.

The result:

The result has been a seamless and hassle free work environment, and also reduced the wastage of resources. Each employee has their own dashboard where they can punch in the time taken on certain projects and the supervisors can accordingly look in to the problems and find solutions to them in order to remove the hindrances in their work.

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