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GA Governor's office of Highway Safety

GA Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is a firm dedicated to ensure the safety of their citizens, ensuring that the parents and the young adults of their state know all of the right information needed to stay safe and secure on the roads. They provide all the highway safety data and fact based analysis that assist communities and safety advocates in implementing safety programs that will help reduce incidents. Their team is highly dedicated and hardworking. They feel personally responsible for every accident that occurs on the road and hope to reduce the statistics of road incidents by a great margin.

Challenge: finding suitable SLA and tracking tasks

Accidents on the highway and roads occur every day, due to which thousands of lives are lost. GA Governor’s office of Highway Safety recognizes the the need to educate their people of the road side rules and precautions that are needed. To ensure that all their citizens are safe and responsible on the road they are dedicated to provide the best of services out there. They were looking for a company that would provide them with 99.99℅ level of service level agreement that is fit to their needs and helps them manage projects efficiently.

Solution: TimeLive - making tracking tasks and time easy

After the implementation of TimeLive Cloud services into their workspace tracking tasks has become easier. They have found TimeLive fit for all their needs as it was able to provide them with the 99.99℅ SLA agreement as required. They have been able to remove any discrepancies in their work and avoid wastage of resources and time.


As a result work at GA Governor’s Office of Highway Safety been hassle free and seamless. They have been able to manage projects efficiently without any hindrances and wastage of resources. Supervisors have been able to keep a check on the projects easily without any difficulty.

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