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About Lake County

Lake Country is an organization that helps the community with road projects, government consolidation, mental health services, and shared services with municipalities etc. Their team consists of board members who are dedicated, hardworking, and truly passionate about serving their community. They update their strategic plan every year in order to keep up with the needs of the community on a timely basis. They are driven by motivation to provide their community the best of the best services and facilities for a happier and healthier lifestyle in a time efficient manner.

Challenge: Managing time on projects

Running a county requires a lot of effort, time, and proper management. Managing the data, execution of projects on time, and easy access to the required data is a must when it comes to running a county. Lake County faces many problems such as long duration of projects, human resource task management, wastage of resources etc.

Solution: TimeLive – Making time tracking on projects easier

After the implementation of TimeLive in to their workspace, Lake County has been able to update their directly, and keep everything on their fingertips with being just a click away. The management can easily pin point any discrepancies and find effective solutions to them without any hindrances. They can easily monitor and time track their projects and employees.

The result:

As a result their work environment has been seamless and hassle-free, they were able to avoid any hindrances, reduce the wastage of resources, and the supervisors were able to manage projects effectively and in a timely manner with all their concerns met with.  They were able to make most of their working hours and resources.

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