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About Mainsaver:

Mainsaver is an asset management IT market leader which provides enterprises multiple software and management. The CMMS platforms created by Mainsavers facilitate the organizations’ asset management strategy by supporting their unique business processes, reports and data requirements. It has a long history of 30 years during which it provided countless organizations in various sectors the software support, built using the best web technology practices, creating SaaS based products and services, inventory management systems, material and maintenance improvements topped with an effective customer service. Asset management is the need for every business as it needs to get the best returns on investment. Mainsaver’s products and services help them keep a track of where and how their assets are being utilized, create inventory reports and justify changes made in the assets. Automation has helped many save time and both but with smart asset management systems in place, there are far more chances of growth and maximization of available resources.

Challenge: Effective support system to manage its diverse installations across the world in different sectors

Mainsaver has over 200 installation across the globe in service industries such as power supply companies, government and manufacturing, education and pharmaceutical industries. Their software is always working around the clock as per the needs of every industry. Business require a 24/7 monitoring of their resource, be it human or tangible assets. Mainsaver employs Asset management professional worldwide which have expertise various related field of finance and technical. Synchronization of work processes and business units is as important as asset management of any company. With a network that wide and diverse field of work, time saving and time tracking of employees and keeping the customers happy was no piece of cake to monitor.

Solution: TimeLive helped them capitalize on their human resource management since day 1 of implementation

Big businesses have bigger problems and they also always must stay abreast the trends and technology. Technology is one such sector which is always updating, as in the case of mainsaver, they sneaked a peek at TimeLive and love it instantly, also adding new features to the software with the help of their efficient customer service. They commented, " Great Service, their support is handled quickly and thoroughly."

The result

With TimeLive they were able to track down each employee’s work and attendance status, which strengthened the communication between the managers and the employees. Increased the accuracy of billing and sent them directly to their customers, keep in tab of expenses and audit process and generated customized reports. Feeling satisfied with the addition of desired feature they commented, “they did a great job assisting in the upgrade to add a new feature we needed. We’ve had a good experience since the preview of the product."

Products of Mainsaver

MultiPurpose Use Passages software like versions.

Modern Designs Passages software like versions.

New Layouts Passages software like versions.

Easy To Use Passages software like versions.

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