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About Oak Leaf Systems

Oak Leaf System Inc is an information technology services company that provides leading edge networking and Internet solutions to their clients. Their team consists of top notch network engineers that design, develop, implement, and support network and Internet solutions to customers of many shapes and sizes. They have been providing professional network integration, cloud services and integrated business solutions since 1996 to their clients.

Challenge: Managing time and tasks on projects

The IT industry is an ever dynamic industry; every day one sees various changes taking place at full speed. Keeping up with the industry is very important for companies such as Oak Leaf Systems that provide businesses with IT solutions. They were in need of a proper time and task management software that removes hindrances in their projects.

Solution: TimeLive – Make time and task tracking easier

With the implementation of TimeLive in to their work-space managing time and tasks on projects has become easier. Each employee can easily punch in their time taken on certain projects on their respective dashboards. Managers and supervisors can easily track Time Offs of the employees and assign work accordingly without the wastage of time and other valuable resources.

The result:

As a result the work environment at Oak Leaf Systems has become seamless and hassle free. Managers can easily point out any discrepancies and provide quick and efficient solutions to the problems faced without any wastage of time, human resources and other valuable resources.

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