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About Miles Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Miles Software Solutions is a global technology solutions provider in wealth, asset, and portfolio management space. With about two decades of experience they deliver excellence and value to financial services globally. Their employees have a deep understanding of financial services business, experience in managing scale-able implementations of large and small scale enterprises which has enabled them to provide quality and time efficient services and solutions to their customers.

Challenge: Managing time on each client’s project

Managing assets, wealth and portfolios is a hectic and time consuming work. Keeping track of the time spent on each project by employees can become difficult along with the utilization of resources. Miles Software Solutions have a diverse range of clients such as private banking institutions, Asset Management Companies, Brokerage Firms, Wealth Advisors, Financial Institutions and Family Offices, therefore effective management of projects. Therefore keep track of projects and proper utilization of human resources is top priority. Some of the hindrances that Miles Software faces are hindrances in project execution, wasteful resources, and human resource task tracking etc.

Solution: TimeLive – Make tracking time and tasks easier

After implementing TimeLive in to their workspace, tracking time, tasks and expenses has become relatively easier. Each employee has their own dashboard where they punch in their day’s work and time taken on a certain project, management also has an expense tracking sheet where they can put in the expenses against each project in a systematic manner. Miles Software Solutions was able to easily remove any discrepancies and find easy and efficient solutions. Managers can also easily see to the problems and tackle them accordingly.

The result:

The result was that the working environment becomes hassle free and seamless. The managers can easily look in to the problems and find time efficient solutions to them; they were also able to make most of their working hours and resources.

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