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About New Virginia Majority

New Virginia Majority is the catalytic force for the progressive transformation of Virginia through mass organizing, leadership development, and strategic communications. They are creating a powerful movement to transform Virginia by organizing communities of color, women, working people, LGBTs, youth and progressive people. Through continuous purposeful and strategic activity, they aim to create a Virginia that is democratic, just and sustainable. New Virginia Majority Education Fund has visited over 250,000 voters and developed into Virginia’s leading progressive civic engagement organization. Their team, hundreds of canvassers and volunteer leaders are building a powerful movement for a democratic, just and sustainable Virginia.

Challenge: excellent software that could home unlimited users effectively and successfully

New Virginia Majority being a social activist organization tends to increase its size time by time. Such great work requires great management of projects, team and all correlated activities. And we all know the fact that a proper management and handling of such tasks is not a cup of a tea. It takes something so efficient to easily and flawlessly cope with them all. They initially got trapped into an online management software through its attractive marketing which eventually proved their selection wrong and couldn’t fulfill their needs and requirements.

One of their team members said, “Our aim to transform Virginia into a dream land makes us always opt for the best. We cannot depend on something that can cause delays or errors in our engagements and activities and their full faultless record and documentations. We needed something always accessible and handy for our growing team."

Solution: Timelive On-Cloud Version – Accessible everywhere and can home Unlimited Users

New Virginia Majority then came across Livetecs’ Timelive and opted for its limited version of 20 users only. When their experience with this efficient application went exactly the way they had desired they decided to sign up for the on-cloud version. On-cloud version of Timelive can home unlimited users enabling them access each and every task and project from any part of the world. One of their team members said the following,

“When our experience with the 20 users’ package of Timelive went excellent, we write our interest to buy Timelive On-Cloud version to the company. Timelive’s customer service is very active and responsive. They immediately shared all the required details so we could without a further ado get started with it and incorporate as much members as we require and need. This version besides allowing unlimited users also costs very less amount and saves up huge money. It did not require us to have heavy servers and technical support as everything is managed and saved in the Timelive’s own servers."

The Result

“The On-cloud version is superior as it homes unlimited users in a reasonable package without costing us the money of highly-paid technicians and compatible servers. Our record and ongoing activities are accessible from everywhere we go. It’s more than the best."

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