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About Nova Tech Solutions

Nova Tech Solutions is a software development services provider across a wide range of industries. With expertise in application based software and web based software they aim to turn ideas in to reality with their dedication to experience and experience. Nova Tech has extensive experience in military and commercial software development. From requirement gathering to product integration they meet all the requirements necessary, they also provide project management in a time efficient and budget friendly manner for their clientele.

Challenge: tracking time on projects

The technology and software industry is growing day by day with the latest. Staying up to date with emerging technologies is absolutely necessary. Nova Tech Solutions clients are those who specialize in this field, that require Nova Tech to keep track of the project deliver expected results and eventually make their clients’ product a success in the market. With each member having a role to play, there are different teams involved in projects. Project management companies like Nova Tech Solutions face issues such as execution hindrances, human resource task tracking, wastage of resources, and longer duration etc.

Solution: TimeLive – Made time tracking easier

With the implementation of TimeLive in to their workspace, managing and tracking time and task on projects has become easier. Each employee has a dashboard where they can punch in the time taken on projects and their day’s work. Managers can also easily see to which employee is available at a certain time as avoid wastage of resources and remove any discrepancies in work. With the day’s worksheet available to the managers online making tracking time is easier.

The result:

The result has been a seamless and hassle free work environment with full authorization and control to managers and supervisors to see the problem and act on its solution. Therefore they were able to make most of their working hours, reduce wastage of resources.

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