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An Alternative

The paths may differ but the destination has to be the same. Timelive also provides you with the very convenient on-premises version of the timesheet software where you simply have to install the Timelive through an installation wizard to get started. An installation wizard will guide you through the whole installation procedure step by step, after the completion of the installation process you will be able to access Timelive through your hardware device. All the applications and databases that are made will be placed on your system or server for you to access.

The on premises version provides convenience to its customers in a unique way, the value proposition is that you manage your applications and databases on your own and access it through a dedicated system or server. The information is centralized and organized into the servers.

Save Up On Valuable Resources

Timelive cares about your resources and understands how important it is to efficiently utilize them and that is the reason we have designed our products to be simple and straightforward, the idea is to save time and resources on training and implementation of the whole program and as it is a major cost for any organization and utilize those resources and training to carry out the core tasks, duties, expense tracking, and responsibilities with full potential without the limitations set by the learning curve for the employees.

Simple Installation

The installer will be given to you after you have purchased the On-premises version. You will be guided through the installation process by automated instructions to make the process smooth and uninterrupted; after you have completed installing Timelive all the applications and databases will be placed on your system and you can utilize the features of Timelive directly.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

There are certain hardware requirements necessary for you to fulfill to successfully run the on-premises version.

You can visit the URL below to check the hardware requirements.

System Requirements

Shared Hosting Compatible

Timelive’s on premises version can be integrated on to any shared hosting that is based on Windows.

One Off Payment

The on premises version does not come with a long payment schedule. You can purchase Timelive on premises with just a single payment meaning that it only requires a simple onetime fee.


The on premises version offers you three different tiers of upgrade plans for your software and to keep it up to date.