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Timelive gives you the liberty to choose from multiple license options, meaning that after you purchase the source code you can make desired changes to it, opt for web services or connect with individual software, it’s all up to your preference. You can actually sell Timelive to your own customers to give them that additional benefit and project an image of one stop solution. Timelive can become a part of your product portfolio; you can provide services of Timelive to your customers as your own. It is also an amazing opportunity to cover that additional market gap; you can develop your market and tap into newer segments thanks to our ownership and reseller rights.


You can either choose the reseller rights or the ownership rights of our Timesheet Tracker, the reseller rights allows you to completely rebrand the product and sell it with your name, but you cannot directly compete with Livetecs. The ownership rights do not restrict the product through any boundaries.

Timelive As An Opportunity

Owning Timelive can be translated into an amazing opportunity for already established businesses and also for the ones who are looking for an opportunity to build a startup. Timelive is a utility that fills the gap in any modern organizations and has a vast potential market for its unique attributes.

Source Code Available

Timelive give its valued customers an option to purchase its source code. By purchasing the source code you are free to make changes to the product and launch it on your own.

Source Code: Rebranding Rights

Rebranding of the product translates that the entire right to the product will be transferred to your company and your company can rebrand the product on a non-exclusive basis.

Source Code: Ownership Rights Transfer

You can own your Timelive and sell it to your customers with your name to provide them the best of convenience and solution.

Technology & Tools

TimeLive is mainly developed in ASP .Net 4.5.2 with Visual Studio 2017. The database used in TimeLive is Microsoft SQL. For technical details about source code, visit the URL below.


Source Code Agreements & Licenses

Rebranding / Reseller Rights

The reseller agreement allows you to make changes to the source code and modify it to your needs. Once you have purchased the rights you can remove the Livetecs brand and attach your own name to sell the product in the market but the only restriction is that you cannot sell the product in direct competition to Livetecs. For example, Selling the product online. For in-depth details about the reseller rights you can visit the URL given below


Ownership Rights

The ownership rights allow you to completely own the product, meaning that you can make desired changes to the source code and the product and also re-brand the product and completely align the values, equity and associations to your original brand. In the ownership rights you can sell your product in any medium you desire but the only restriction is that you cannot sell the product in direct competition to Livetecs.