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About Plaster Group

Plaster Group provides agile and innovative consulting services, striving to engage the clients, the consultancy and the community. Delivering high quality work by challenging the status quo, their consultants offer solutions that are not only impactful but also long lasting that not only allows them to grow professionally but also hone their expertise. With a team of top notch consultants, they are fully committed to fulfill the aspirations of their customers, the consultants and community who are redefining the world, pioneering green economies, and launching products that accelerate the speed of business on a global platform.

Challenge: Managing time on each clients’ project

Managing clients and providing effective consultancy is time consuming, especially when it comes to assigning tasks and projects to employees. As Plaster Group’s client portfolio consists of organizations that are redefining the world with their innovative products that are accelerating the speed of businesses on a global platform. Consultancy companies like Plaster Group face hindrances such as human resources task tracking, task assignment, and execution hindrances etc.

Solution: TimeLive – Made tracking time and tasks easier

After the implementation of TimeLive into their workspace, assigning tasks to employees has become easier and adding details to the tasks appointed has become easier and more convenient making them more time effective. Employees’ detailed information is easily available and their performance on certain tasks can easily be assessed by clicking on the ‘Project’ button in front of their names and similarly all tasks can be easily appointed to the employees as per requirement.

The result:

The result is a hassle-free and time friendly work environment that gives managers full authority to assess the employees, find solutions to the problems and assign tasks according to the availability of time for better effectiveness. Therefore they were able to make better use of their human resources, working hours and lessening wastage of resources.

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